The best way to protect your hair while swimming: Swimming caps

One of the most popular sports amongst women around the world, swimming comes with plenty of benefits, and even doctors encourage us to practice it as often as possible. Although it comes with numerous advantages for our cardiovascular system, muscles and fitness capabilities, it comes with a downside as well. The action chlorine has on human hair is a deteriorating one, no matter how necessary for keeping under control the bacterial level in public pools. However, the modest cap can work wonders for maintaining your hair healthy, beautiful and strong. And if you consider purchasing custom swim caps, they are not modest at all, coming in plenty of designs, colors and styles, accordingly to your preferences. But how can a cap help you protect your hair?

Properly used, it can help you prevent split ends and irreparable damage. But what is the proper way of using a cap? First, you must make sure your hair is damp. And because many public pools have a rule where all visitors must take a shower before entering the pool, you can profit from it and make sure the water you use lacks chlorine. You should soak your hair in clean, filtered water so it won’t absorb as much chlorinated water from the pool. The next step is to apply a coat of conditioner, and comb it gently. Make sure you don’t saturate you hair with conditioner, otherwise your cap will continue slipping. The layer of conditioner works as a repellent against chlorinated water. Also, your hair will enjoy a long nourishing treatment from your swimming session, resulting in a soft and manageable hair. Next, you must make sure you put your cap on properly, so you prevent water from entering. Try to place your cap on your forehead first, while holding it from the sides. After placing it on your forehead properly, tuck your hair under the cap as well. Then adjust the cap so it completely covers your hair and has a good grip on your skin. Ponytails and buns will cause your cap to slip; therefore, you want to make sure you avoid those. After finishing your swimming session, make sure you give your hair a good shampooing, conditioning and rinse, and your cap a gentle wash. You want to make sure you dry well your cap before storing it, so you prologue its life span. Dry it indoors, and never in direct sunlight, because the chances of breaking in unexpected moments increase.

Choose custom swimming caps for a more feminine look. Although many consider them unappealing, purchasing one with a feminine print is a thing to consider. Few of the current retailers on the USA market are able to provide such services, therefore make sure you document yourself well before placing an order. There are numerous viable materials for manufacturing them, like silicone. Make sure you document yourself well, choose a material, and design pleasing you. Also, the prices involved are small enough for you not to think twice before placing an order.

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