Tips for choosing the best swimming cap

Every pro swimmer has a swimming cap in their equipment bag. You are not likely to see an athlete show up at a meeting, triathlon or pool without one. This simple piece of equipment offers athletes important advantages. Swim caps protect their hair from chlorine and salt water, not to mention that they limit the drag on their body. You can benefit from using a snug elastic cap, even if you are not a pro swimmer. When it comes to getting a swimming cap, you have many options. These skin-tight pieces of clothing come in a multitude of shapes, sizes and materials. As a matter of fact, there are too many choices. What type of physical activity you do influence your decision. Nonetheless, you need to keep other things in mind when selecting a swimming equipment.

With swim caps, you have many options, but it is important for you to choose the one that best suits your needs. Latex is the most common material from which water sports garments are made of. Latex is by far the cheapest, so it will most certainly fit your budget. Silicone swim caps are the most comfortable ones. The only downside is that silicone garments are more expensive. However, garments of this type are worth the expense because they are more durable. The Olympians of today wear only molded silicone caps. Spandex snugs are just as popular. The synthetic material is at the same time soft, long lasting and, most importantly, it will not pull your hair.

Equally important is to take into consideration water temperature. If you share the pool with the racing team or aerobics classes, then the water will be quite cold. A silicone swimming cap is the best choice as it will keep you warm. The extra thickness of the material will help you stay warm, no matter if the water temperature is 81 degrees or 80 degrees. While a snug elastic cap made from latex is just as good, it will not be of great use if the pool is less than 80 degrees. Latex is the way to go only if it is summertime. Due to the fact that the material is thin, there is no risk of overheating.

When choosing a swim cap, do not forget about sizing. Not every material or brand is equal. Many pieces of clothing for water sports are designed to fit people of a wide range of sizes. Nonetheless, you are likely to find swimming caps especially made for children, adults with long hair and adults with short hair. What you have to pay attention to is whether the cap pulls your hair when you take it off. It is advisable for you to order garments in sizes. If you do not know your exact size, then it is a good time to take measurements. All you have to do is measure the limits around your head.

When it comes down to making a decision, there are no strict guidelines. Just pick what you like the most.

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