How to achieve higher levels of comfort at home: Pillows, bedding and towels

Comfort wise, there are a few bits and pieces that make a great difference. Regardless of the fact we are talking about furniture, décor or pillows, they all contribute a lot to our general comfort. This is why big hotels choose to invest in details like bedding, bathrobes and pillows.

Great pillows can make our sleep better and deeper and investing in some of the best down pillows you can find on the market surely contributes a lot to your general state. A good sleep helps us do better at our jobs, makes us happier and less stressed. However, we must first find out what the best pillow for us is. Of course, not all prefer the same type of pillows. Some are great fans of soft pillows, other prefer a firm one. However, make sure you choose a pillow with a firmness level that allows you to have a good night sleep and provides a good support for your spine. When sleeping your spine should be levelled with the rest of your body, therefore pay attention to this. Generally, back sleepers prefer a medium pillow in firmness, while belly sleepers prefer a soft one. The firmest pillows are recommended to side sleepers. The number of pillows you need depends on the size of your bed and on your personal preferences. We say it is better to have as many as possible, because this will contribute to the design of your bedroom as well. You will create the appearance of a bigger, luxurious bedroom with minimal effort.

Bathrobes and towels are great pieces for assuring a SPA-like experience in the comfort of your very own home. A soft and absorbing towel, especially those from hotel collection towels do make a great difference when it comes to our levels of comfort. Because their main purpose is to absorb humidity, you must first check for this attribute when replacing your old ones. Search for cotton towels with a special type of weaving, named basket weave. You can find this information on the towel’s label. Not only this special style of weave will help you have highly absorbent towels, but it also looks classy and luxurious. Also, make sure your towels have a good drying time, so they can dry fast before your next shower.

Linen bedding is notorious for a couple of reasons. First, it is well known for its antibacterial and anti-allergic qualities, as well as of capabilities to absorb moisture fast and evaporate it properly. Because of this reason, it is highly acclaimed by people with skin diseases. Great linen bedding is more lasting than cotton bedding, and it can repel dirt with success. A highly absorbent and heat conducting fabric, it is the go-to type of bedding for people with a high social status. However, linen bedding is a great investment for us all, since it lasts decades.

These smalll details will help you live a comfortable and pleasing life, emulating in a way a luxurious lifestyle.

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