Hotel bed linen: that small detail which really makes the difference

According to many hotel managers, the customers’ demands have increased a lot lately, due to the fact that they have many options from they can choose. Studies show that they are particularly interested in how comfortable their rooms are or if the food that they receive is delicious or not. But, there are, however, some hotels which still manage to satisfy even the toughest demands. Usually in this special category, five or four star ones can be included.

If you wonder how these hotels can keep their high position on the top of clients’ preferences, the answer is very simple. They only make smart investments which include high quality products. When it comes to quality, a very important part is played by the way hotel rooms are decorated. Every small detail is important, starting with the color of the walls and ending with hotel bed linen. There are persons who claim that they cannot enjoy their sleep if the linen is not good enough.

But there is no general rule when it comes to these aspects. Usually, there are two categories of people: some of them look for softness when it comes to their bed sheets, whereas, others, prefer sleeping on those which are made of coarse fabrics. But, in order to make sure that you will not take the wrong decision, you will have to ask your clients to give a few details about their preferences when they make a reservation. In case they choose doing the reservation online, things can be even simpler.

What is more, interior designers say that the linen should be properly matched with the rest of the room. In case there are hotel managers who do not know exactly what to choose, a good recommendation is going for colors like white, grey or brown. These are some versatile colors which never go out of fashion. On the other hand, even if black can be easily matched with any type of furniture and decorations, experts say that it is better to avoid it. Due to the fact that hotels are the places where people come from all over the world, in some cultures, the black color can be associated with some negative concepts such as illness, poverty or even death.

But this is not all. There is another important aspect when it comes to decorating a hotel room. Because of the fact that there are people who suffer from allergies, investing in some luxury hotel beddings is quite essential. It can be really embarrassing to find out that one of your hotel guests cannot stop his or her sneezing, because of the low quality of the fabrics which are used for the pillows. Therefore, going for bed linen made of cotton can be the right solution.

Last but not least, in order to help your hotel receive good reviews, another good suggestion is paying attention to how your employees wash these beddings. There are many types of bed linen which can easily deteriorate, if the washing conditions are not set properly. Not to mention the smell. There are people who cannot stand the smell of the antimicrobial solution. But, if you invest in quality, you do not have anything to worry about.

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