Selecting the perfect sheets and pillow: useful tips

Contrary to what many people believe, choosing the right pillow is essential in order to benefit from good sleep. Many of them do not spend too much time thinking which pillow they should go for and honestly they are making a big mistake, since the quality of both the pillow and the hotel collection sheets can have a big impact not only on the quality of the sleep, but also on their health.

The first thing one has to have in mind before they purchase a pillow is related to their sleeping style. It is essential that you determine what your sleeping position is, because this is an important factor in identifying the right type of pillow for you. For instance, those who sleep on their back should consider choosing a medium thickness pillow that will support their neck accordingly so that they do not suffer from neck pain the following morning.

In the case of stomach sleepers the best choice would be no pillow at all, but if the bed feels somehow incomplete without this element, it is recommended to opt for a soft pillow, so that the head is not forced to stay in a pinched angle all night long.

Side sleepers on the other hand should definitely go for a firm thickness pillow. It is worth mentioning that sleeping in this position created a great distance between the shoulder and the ear and going for a firm pillow will help you maintain alignment and will provide you good sleep.

Another essential aspect in choosing pillows is the filling. They can be stuffed with a wide variety of materials, from feather to horsehair, synthetic materials and so on. Depending on each individual’s preferences, people can select the one they find most suitable for them.

In the case of bed sheets though, things are not as simple as many would think either, since for good quality sleep people have to pay attention to certain details when buying sheets. First, if you want to benefit from hotel quality sheets, you have to consider the fiber. For example, one very good choice would be cotton-polyester sheets, because these ones are durable and wrinkle-resistant, not to mention that they are far less expensive compared to 100% cotton bed sheets. However, cotton sheets do provide you a cooler, softer feel. It is essential you keep in mind that any type of fabric that touches your skin should be carefully chosen and should feel comfortable and soft, which is why the bed sheet material is such an important consideration.

According to some experts, the weave of the sheet can actually affect the way it looks and feels, but also its longevity and price. There are various types of weaves available on the market, but the most popular one is percale weave, which is a balanced weave and offers a cooler and crisper feel. Another very popular choice is sateen weave, which is warmer compared to percale and provides even softer feel.

All in all, these are some very useful tips everyone should take into account when purchasing pillows and bed sheets.

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