Are We Going Back to the Future?

By recently devaluing its currency by 4.4% against the US $, China has left many economies shimmering in the wake of what is analysed as a “potential” world economic crisis. Has the market suddenly become that gloomy? Is the recent Chinese currency devaluation something the world hasn’t seen in the past? Well, these are some of the questions one needs to look into prior to evaluating the prospects of the market economy, says Chip Smith, one of the leading financial analyst and an experienced trader from

How many of you remember the currency devaluation that Japan brought about a few years ago? I’d be surprised if most of you know this. So, how come people not remember (or not interested in remembering) the previous instances of devaluation. Had devaluation been a strong parameter for measuring the market progress, then the bull wouldn’t have continued during the Japanese currency devaluation. Currency devaluation is just how the market players go about the game in the international market. I’m sanguine about the prospects of the stock market, and all I tell my clients is to be positive and don’t let the market rumors dwindle your passion for success, adds Chip Smith.

“For the past few weeks, I’ve literally been scratching my head hearing the news of Chinese currency devaluation and its global impacts. I recently made my way into the market, but experienced many sleepless nights after that. Not that I’ve lost money in the market or my investment has been reduced to one half, it is just the fear that many of my colleagues had instilled in me about the recent stock market environment. I can’t thank Mr. Chip Smith enough for his dedicated and professional guidance that enlightened me about the market. Now I can see the monetary benefits that I’m likely to receive. I must say, Mr. Chip not only beguiles you with his market insight and outside of the box methodology, but he also tends to channelize the thoughts and the behavioural patterns that automatically synchronize with market success,” says one of the recent clients of Chip Smith.

There is only one thing that holds you back and never let you achieve laurels. It is the fear of failure. Whether it be Bill Gates or Warren Buffet, all the top-notch financial gurus knew they’d make it big. Irrespective of what others are saying, make sure you stick to what your goal is. And if you’re to succeed at stock market investment, then just hang in there. As I’ve told you earlier, the currency devaluation wouldn’t affect your financial standing, particularly if you follow my advice and the financial plan that I’ve lined up for the post-devaluation era investors, adds Chip Smith.

The decision is yours to make. You are the architect of your own fate. What you decide for yourself today would have repercussions for the future. If you want to achieve financial freedom and achieve success at stock market investment, then you need to make the right move now in order to reap the benefits tomorrow. All I can do is to provide you with market insight and investment strategies, and it is up to you how you take it from there,” remarks Chip Smith.

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