Organic supplements or chemically synthesized? Which ones are the best?

By now, we are all well aware that it is impossible to absorb our vitamins from our diets. For this reason, our attention was entirely redirected towards vitamin supplements. And although many tend to worship them, claiming they completely improved their lives and overall health, a good part is still reluctant when it comes to vitamins, because of some side effects. However, many do enjoy taking organic vitamins, because they lack completely the feared side effects.

Fact is, all individuals need vitamins with different characteristics, accordingly to their gender and age, those being the main factors that count. Of course, both synthetic vitamins and organic ones take into account those, creating special supplements for everybody. However, the debate still continues. Organic or synthetic? Our vote goes to organic supplements, because of a few reasons.

Yes, both of them can provide the necessary nutritious elements we cannot take from our diets. But, the problem with synthetic vitamins is that they are entirely manufactured from diverse chemicals, none of the coming from natural elements or sources. They do not complement the elements found in our bodies. They only mimic them. Because of this, the way they behave in our bodies is completely different from what we are biologically used to. This way, they are isolated by our bodies, and are not used in our biological internal processes. On the other hand, natural vitamins are derived from natural elements, being completely absorbed and used by our bodies. They no not mimic anything; they ARE the elements we need naturally.

Moreover, synthetic vitamins contain substances that were not developed for human consumption. Therefore, instead of helping us, they might, in fact damage our health. Usually, human bodies will store for a while these vitamins, and ultimately excrete them under a form or another. The liver has a detoxifying role, and when taking synthetic vitamins we are filling it with toxins. This, of course, can cause serious damage on long-term perspectives. On the other hand, organic supplements are fully absorbed and processed by our bodies, truly helping us become healthier and happier.

And, while synthetic vitamins are not very recommended for pregnant women, organic ones can be taken without any concerns, doctors encouraging them to do so. They can contribute to child’s development and sustain mother’s health in this entire period. As we know, mother’s vitamin necessities increase while pregnant, and although doctors do not recommend over eating, they do encourage complementing a healthy diet with natural and organic supplements. Organic supplement developers search for products grown in local farms, from which to develop their products. For example, many companies like these use organic green cabbage to develop and create their Vitamin K supplements. Anti-stress supplements are created from organic herbs, and so on. A diet based completely on organic products must be complemented by supplements coming from trusty sources. Also, they must correspond with all safety standards. This will assure you the supplements you are using are completely safe for internal usage and they correspond to strict health safety standards.

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