Engaging software testers to time travel

Time virtualization enables a company to time travel its applications to any point in time and is a solution which can be used across a broad range of areas. It can be essential in some business software elements including the processing of month-end, year-end or quarter-end, workflow, policy life cycles and billing.

Time travel has been engaging software testers in forward thinking IT companies and other industries for years now as they have recognized the system’s ability to enhance efficiency, reduce costs, and improve software testing options throughout the enterprise.

It is vital for software testers to engage with virtual software time travel as it simply makes all testing so much easier and is an indispensable tool in the modern age.

Without adequate time virtualization, testing will either take much longer, or the tester will risk missing things, and therefore the tests becoming ineffective. The key advantages which should engage software testers are as follows:

• Using a time simulator doesn’t change the system clock. It is a virtual clock outside of the system one.
• The virtual clock can either be put forward or backwards. It can also be stopped completely or used to test the impact of the clock going faster or slower than real time.
• It maintains security tickets.
• You can exclude specific programs from using the virtual clock if you choose to.
• The system clock will still be used to secure timestamps for data security and backup.
• There is no need to shutdown, download applications, or reboot.

If you still have doubts and are not yet engaged in trying out time travel, then perhaps some of these examples will help to win the argument in our favor finally:

Time travelling seamlessly
Software testers will be in control and can work with their specifications making the virtual clocks and times impact only on their chosen servers, databases, users and applications, and then perform the required time and date tests.

No more concerns about manipulating environments
One of the significant issues companies often have with trying to carry out time and date tests is that they try to duplicate their computer settings. This then creates extra problems, but with time travel using time virtualization software, this issue is eliminated.

Secure your file timestamps
Another problem which occurs when companies try to time and date test manually is that it messes up all the file timestamps which means all backups are incorrect, and it can cause problems with other server functions. This needs to be avoided at all costs. By using a form of time travel solution, the virtual clocks do not touch the internal server or system files. They change server time and dates for testing only but don’t interfere with the core system providing the opportunity for full screening, without the risks.

Engaging software testers to time travel could make your company tests more efficient, saving money and improving IT systems across the board.

Please click on the links here to learn how to change server time and find a state-of-the-art time simulator!

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