Essential clothing items for a minimalist wardrobe

If you are looking at the way the most successful people of the planet dress, you might have the tendency to say that it looks like they wear a uniform. Let’s take Mark Zuckerberg for example, he has a preference for gray T-shirts. Also, the majority of fashion designers choose to have a minimalist wardrobe. You might question yourself, why they are doing this, Well, the answer is simple, they have so many decisions to take daily, and they do not want to add an extra one. They found a style they feel comfortable in, and they stay with it. And if you are looking for affordable clothing items, which fit into this style, then you should check the Masai line. Despite the fact that many designers think that more is more, there are some successful retailers, who still believe that minimalism is the key to perfection.

In present times, it is important to focus on aspects as health, so you have to find a way to buy less, and choose well the clothing articles. So, if you have decided to opt for a minimalist style, you will need a little help, because it is not as simple as it looks. Before hitting the stores is important to see what you already have in your wardrobe. You should take out of the closet all the clothes, and sort them according to the color shades. According to the goals you have established for your wardrobe, you will make a list with the things you want to keep, and with items you need to purchase. You can find the missing pieces in an online store that offers Masai clothing. It is important to have a clear idea of the characteristics of the wardrobe you want to create. You should not have the misconception that a minimalist wardrobe implies wearing only black, white and grey clothes. In case you like zany patterns and bold colors, then you can include them in your outfits. You have to know your style, and understand what fabrics you like to wear and what silhouettes you prefer. In this way, you will not say constantly that you have nothing to wear.

For a person who likes clothes, the hardest step is to declutter her wardrobe, because there are many items you like, but when thinking thoroughly, you realize that you have not worn the majority of them. It is the time to get them away from your wardrobe, and make room for new ones. When you decide to create a minimalist wardrobe, you do not have to buy a completely new one. You have to determine what items you need. The majority of minimalist wardrobes do not consist of more than 40 items of clothes, accessories and shoes. So it is advisable to make a list with the items you need, and based on your lifestyle to buy them. You should start with a simple scheme of two bags, four pairs of shoes, two pairs of trousers, two pairs of jeans, two skirts, three dresses, three blouses, two T-shirts, three sweaters, two coats and two blazers.

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