Dildos: beyond taboos and secrets

When the words sex toys pop into a discussion, eyes become larger and large and a sort of silence kicks in. You know that silence, when you are in a restaurant full of people and suddenly you can only hear yourself talking. Sex toy are a tricky topic. If you are a man talking about, then there is no problem, feel free to say whatever goes through your mind. However, if you are a woman and you start a conversation about dildos, then it won’t be long before you regret it. People might give you that strange, awkward look, the kind that comes together with a lifted eyebrow. Talking in public about sex toys is still a bit problematic, but only in smaller cities. In cities like London, Paris, Amsterdam, Berlin, sex toys are nothing out of the ordinary. In these locations, there is no taboo concerning sex toys, none whatsoever. People have started to think in a much more free manner, they no longer accept being under the whip of society, metaphorically speaking of course.

Dildos, like other sex toys should no longer be regarded as strange, sinful, shameful ideas. If you think about it, if you look back in history you might discover important men and women, who have changed history, having behind closed doors of course, all sorts if sexual peculiarities. Aren’t sex toys nothing more than sexual preferences? It is like choosing the room in which the magic happens. Instead of going in the bedroom, under the blanket, you prefer the living room or the kitchen. Pleasure should come first in this line of work and if sex toys offer you that extra joy, then go for it! In the end, you only have one life and when being subject to borders and taboos, you are not allowing yourself to feel true happiness. Taboos are invented and as such, they should not be taken seriously. Why should it matter to you what left and right think and say? Plus, you need to remember something. Some of the people that might comment against these sex toys, may very well find them amusing behind closed doors when they are all alone or with their permissive partner.

If you enjoy using sex toys, if they offer you the pleasure you are looking for, if you are having that mind-blowing orgasm that everyone is whispering about, then don’t let false impressions stop you. Try not to be subject to these taboos, as they do not really exist. These are made up ideas, sometimes by frustrated individuals, who don’t like knowing that others are feeling better than them, that others are happier.  In the great big world, sex toys are no longer taboo. They are used, enjoyed, talked about, without any problem or restraints. Being modern means exactly this, always being open to challenge, to different, to interesting and unique. Sometimes, being modern might take some time to get used to, but the road to getting there certainly is filled with pleasure. So you might want to give it a try.


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