The blissful interfaith marriage: is it possible?

The world has changed immensely in the last twenty years or so. There are numerous problems that have finally found their solutions, numerous complicated situations that have been simplified. Today, you can talk of acceptance, which is in itself a huge victory. Perhaps one of the most complex issues that has ever been on the table is the interfaith marriage. When two people meet and they discover that they are meant to be, marriage seems to be the natural thing to do. Marriage becomes the embodiment of their love. Up until this moment the idea of a Anand Karaj UK based seemed completely out of the question, especially since the two people that were taking part in the celebration were not even of the same religion. Interfaith marriages, although existed, were not a light burden to carry and only a few people managed in their attempt to stay with their loved one. What has changed you might ask.

Today, as you might have noticed the idea of a destination wedding like a Punta Cana Sikh wedding for instance, between two people coming from different cultural backgrounds is no longer that strange and out of the ordinary. The difference between today and yesterday, 20 years back, is the change in perspective. A blissful union between two people is love and love alone. The ceremony itself is a series of songs of blessing. The emotional weight of the event is greater than you might expect which is why people often forget that the marriage is interfaith and treat it as a demonstration of love. It is not simple, that is sure. For the person coming from outside this culture, the entire ceremony might seem complicated, hard to follow, perhaps even peculiar at times. In the end however, all realize that love is the most important of all. Another aspect that has helped interfaith marriage and continues to do so is the wedding priest. When you are conducting such a ceremony, uniting two people in love and spirituality, speaking words of wisdom here and there is important. The young couple will most certainly appreciate it and it might just give them the power they need to overcome any issue that might appear, including those of a spiritual nature.

It is one thing for a wedding officiant to stop when the ceremony is over and it is something different to notice that he gets involved, supports your love, understands the burden and offers you solutions. Interfaith marriages are a lot more difficult than they might seem. On the outside, people are in general accepting of many, but inside, their feeling towards various aspects of society might be completely different than what meets the eye. The same rule applies for interfaith marriages. Acceptance is not given as a gift, it should be earned in time and while the fight is almost over, there may be times at which the complexity of such marriages comes to life. That is when you need to remember the words of wisdom spoken at your wedding by the passionate Sikh priest and remember that you are joined in this blissful union by nothing else than your love for each other.

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