Where to Invest in 2017

With a Trump win, and the market in skyrocket mode, many investors are now starting to see the positives to seeing Trump being the commander in chief and President of the United States.

Although some people are still in shock, Trump supporters keep saying he is a businessman and he will try to make America great again, but utilizing his business skills, and for the more astute investors, they keep saying there are areas that are a ghost town, and Donald Trump are going to bring these sectors back to life and there are a ton of money and profits to be made as they come back to life and resurface and blossom once again.

Some investors are calling 2017 as one of the healthiest environments to be in as a trader with Trump as president. Some of the under resourced sectors, and low lying vehicles are flying under the radar and will be the new Silicon Valley now Trump is the president of the USA.

This could be a chance to get in at ground level, and reap huge rewards as Donald Trump starts to implement some of his policies.

Where are the smartest areas to invest, once Donald Trump steps into the Whitehouse in 2017? Well here are some diamonds in the rough that are sure winners next year. The secret is in the areas Donald Trump sees problems.

Under a Trump presidency there will be massive growth in Construction and Technology so these will be the sectors that will take off soon. They are already lacking, and have no interest amongst investors. But that will soon change.

You must understand that Trump has already promised an investment of $1 Trillion dollars to massive infrastructure and it’s a policy that commodity and firms in construction are already going to reap huge rewards from. Some more major construction firms are set to make huge profits as the implementation stages begin.

The incoming president has already made constituents aware that he is going to focus all his attention on infrastructure, defence secondary and these are going to be huge growth areas, no matter what anyone thinks. Areas will boom, such as rail roads, steal, ball bearings, other metals, so this is another fantastic area to look in 2017.

There is an area in Northeast Ohio, which is renowned for its manufacturing industries. These areas have seen rapid decline in recent years, however over the coming years, we might see the emergence of a Steel Valley over something we would call Silicon Valley. Because some of these areas are renounced for manufacturing and steel production.

There is already a nickname given to this area which is ‘Mahoney Valley’ which is where steel was born in the USA.

So if wise investors were to try and pick guaranteed winners early they would want to look at steel, trucks, railroads and other construction related areas. Especially in the hard materials or defence sectors. It’s a no brainer that Trump is going to pump up these industries to meet his needs and policies in 2017 and beyond.

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