Why is particle size characterization so important?

Have you ever heard of particle size characterisation? You should know that in the majority of industries the particle size of the materials and products has to be strictly monitored to guarantee the quality of the final products. Particle size affects product composition, drug efficacy and flowability, so it is no surprise that the majority of companies collaborate with experts from this domain to asses them. So if you run a business and you want to be sure that you provide only high-quality products, you should hire a professional particle size characterisation company. They will guarantee optimal performance through their particle size analysis methods. These characterisations can be used for different types of products, as dry particle streams, sticky-wet concentrated slurries or liquid emulsions. You will receive an efficient and reliable data stream, from the company that makes the analysis. But this is not the only benefit you will have.

If you collaborate with a top provider, you will get an increased return of your investment. The techniques and instruments they use have been shown to be capable to provide details even on a small product. You will achieve increased return within a year from the operation, because you will have access to a complete analysis of the products’ quality, and you will know what to improve. Also, during the improvement period you will have real-time measurements, and you will have a clear idea on the way the process evolves. For example, in the pharmaceutical processes are used methods as laser diffraction, microscopy direct imaging, backlight imaging and sieve analysis. The provider will decide which one of them is better in the material characterisation service, because they have experience in this domain. In case the company will analyse your products with laser diffraction, you have to know that it is considered one of the most robust methods of particle sizing. Providers state that they can work with companies from different industries when using this technique, and they can measure a wide variety of emulsions, slurries and dry powders. In case the samples of the manufacturer are soluble, they offer the possibility to measure them in a non-aqueous dispersant.

When collaborating with a company that offers this type of services, you can have real time control on the quality of the products. From metal powders to pharmaceutical products, particle size is the main performance parameter, and you, as a manufacturer have to pay attention to it. The systems used by this company are able to measure up to four particle size distributions in a few seconds, so you will have access to information quick. If you use other process of measuring the process parameters, it might take more time, but business profit is influenced by time, and you have no time to lose. When you collaborate with this type of provider, you can evaluate your products in a few minutes instead of waiting hours or even days. If there are any causal links, you will find them quicker than if you would use other methods.

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