A men’s guide: dos and don’ts of online dating

For a smooth dating experience for all the parties involved, some basic training is necessary. Also, regardless of our gender, we do make mistakes while surfing online dating websites. From choosing the wrong website, to approaching in a not so smooth manner our potential partners, we take wrong turns at every corner. Only with a little guidance, we can reach a perfect stage at online dating, maximise our chances of finding the perfect match and have a long and happy relationship. However, what are the most common mistakes men make when online dating? We have a couple of answers for you below.

Not choosing free dating websites
Men have a preconception that exclusively on websites where you pay a fee for joining they can find “wife material”. However, this is not true. Free online dating sites without credit card charges, are even more efficient in the matter of finding the perfect romantic partner. Because no charge is applied, and for registration you only have to take a few simple steps, chances are in the vast sea of potential partners, you will find the one for you easier. Only make sure you surf the websites, pay attention to their profiles, chat a little with them, and see what reviews they have. Luckily, these are all possible nowadays, since dating websites are constantly improving their services.

Being constantly busy when it comes to actually meeting a potential partner
Even if you get scared and insecure when suggesting a date to someone on a dating website, when they accept it, go for it. Many postpone this date for so long, potential partners think they are busy with meeting others. And, by the time you prepare yourself, they lost their interest in you or even found somebody else more interested in them or more appealing to them. If you find the “Not tomorrow, I’m busy, let’s try another time” excuse too often you will miss a few great partners. Let us tell you no credit card dating sites users still have high expectations from a partner.

They sound like they don’t have serious intentions
And this is something about their approach on a potential partner. Fact is you have to learn how to approach somebody on a dating platform, although, obviously, you are all there for the same purpose. Make sure you avoid inappropriate comments about their appearance, pictures or style. Try to concentrate more on subjects like movies, entertainment shows you recently went to. And, most importantly, do not send inappropriate pictures.

Imbalanced conversations
Thing with men is, they either take too long to reply, do it after ages, either they do it in a disinterested manner. Try to find a topic you both enjoy; work on your typing skills and do it fast, as many women become bored waiting for an answer to come. Make sure you both engage in discussion and it is not a one-sided one or a monologue. They might find somebody else able to keep up with their ideas and you will be in a great disadvantage.

Make sure you follow these simple rules next time when using online dating platforms and chances of finding somebody truly interested in you will increase.

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