When should you hire a landscape architect?

When taking your morning job in the park near you, you might not realize that those several alleys, benches and tree formations are the result of months of strategic urban planning. People associate architects with designing buildings, but their jobs also involve parks, botanical gardens and other outdoor projects. This is called landscape architecture and it’s an essential part in the development of an outdoor space, be it commercial or private. This service is essential in various situations, out of which the following stand out.

Landscape architects and commercial outdoor projects
Landscape architects have all sorts of clients, but commercial ones stand out. For example, they can be contacted by local authorities to work on a Utomhusplan – an urban development plan that involves designing outdoor recreation areas such as public parks. Landscape architecture exists as a work field all over the world, but this industry is blooming in countries such as Norway, Sweden and Denmark, where there is a huge interest in eco-friendly Utomhusprosjekter. If you represent a government authority and you want to open or re-design a green outdoor area, it is absolutely essential that you hire a team of landskapsarkitekt Oslo, but only because they will create a plan that matches the style of the city, but also make sure that it meets safety and infrastructure quality standards.

Rehabilitating cultural heritage sites
A considerable part of the Byplanlegging process involves rehabilitating cultural heritage sites. This is a complicated, meticulous task and only an experienced landscape architect can supervise it. For example, if you’re interested in something like Rehabilitering uterom, you have to keep two things in mind. On the one hand, the new structure must preserve the qualities and style of the original. On the other hand, it must integrate seamlessly to the overall design of the city, adding a breath of fresh air without clashing with the rest of the elements. If you hire a landscape planner for this purpose, you must have a rigorous selection process and only work with someone who has an outstanding portfolio. After all, commercial projects involve a great deal of responsibility and you don’t want to leave a centuries-old space in the hands of an untrained landscaper. Hire someone who has worked on cultural rehabilitation projects before and has achieved stellar results with national recognition. It should be someone who understands local culture and its people and knows how to preserve the spirit of the city.

Private residential projects
Landscape architects also work on residential projects. For example, if you’ve started a complex home renovation project that also includes the garden, then hiring a landscape architect is key to having your personal oasis of relaxation. Whether you want to get something similar to a Japanese garden or just a small pond with some pebbles, they will help you create something truly unique and interesting. Needless to say, transforming your garden in such a way also increases the resale value of the house, so you are making an excellent investment for the future.

To learn more about Utomhusplan or Utomhusprosjekter, visit these links to get in touch with a landskapsarkitekt Oslo.

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