Going on holiday: what about the dog?

Animal lovers, especially dog and cat owners have a real problem when it comes to leaving their beloved pet at home, alone. Some even go as far to say no to trips or holidays altogether, simply because they cannot think of a solution that would allow them to do something separate from their pets. In their mind, once you get a dog or a pet, that’s it. All the fun and entertainment of life has worn out and there is no other activity than walking your dog or playing with your cat. Things are not exactly like this, quite the opposite actually. Cats and dogs should not order you around. You should not make your life according to your dog. You need to figure out what solutions are there and the good news is that there may be place that you could allow you to have fun and go on holidays with friends or family, while your dog is perfectly taken care of. While there may be several of them, one is certain. You can always take your dog or cat to a professional kennel. Here, the staff will take great care of your pet and will make sure that it will be waiting for your return.

A kennel is much more than a big cage where you leave your dog while you are having loads of fun with friends and family. It is important that people understand the benefits of a kennel. These hundepensjonat are part of a bigger plan. The doghouses are part of establishments dedicated to taking care of dogs in the best possible way. In these places dogs are treated in a royal fashion. Not only will you be able to leave home and enjoy your holiday, but you will also know that your beloved pet is very well taken care of. In fact in some establishments, dogs are given hundemassasje. Imagine that! Imagine that your dog could be having the same treatment as you, at their establishment.

Plus, there is the aspect of social skills. When left at the kennel for the very first time, some dogs might experience certain trauma. They might be fearful of being alone and some aspects of their behavior might change. Luckily if the dyreklinikk Nittedal, your dog will have the opportunity to socialize will other dogs, to calm his nerves and to be more at peace with the new changes. Even if they are not permanent, all these changes affect the dog and it is good to know that your pet will be surrounded by people who love animals, who would do nothing to harm them and so. In most situations a kennel is the right decision. However, you need to be careful about which kennel you choose. Not all are as professional as one might hope. Do your homework, study the market, do the research and you will find the right answer for you. Remember that your dog deserves the best. They have rights as well as people and one of them is comfort. Make sure your pet is in fact awarded this right.

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