Is ultraviolet ink the right choice for your business?

UV ink has long been used to print hidden designs on different materials, and goods, but nowadays has started to be used more and more for security purposes. The fact is that if you produce a high quality product and you have success with selling it, there would be definitely a company that would want to counterfeit it, and they would place it on market at a cheaper price, but with exactly the same boxing as yours, and the clients would not be able to make the difference. They would simply believe that they have bought the product at a discount price, and they would not questions its originality. In this case, the best way to make sure that your products could be checked and tracked, and that the buyers would be able to know for sure that they have bought the right good, is to use ultraviolet ink, and design a specific sign on the box of the good.

So, when thinking if you should use this security method or not, you should consider its costs, because it is seen as an investment from any businessman’s point of view. You would have to check the costs of the printing equipment, because according to the type of goods you are producing, you would have to use a certain type of printer. Also, the material you want to print is important, because every type requires to use a certain type of UV inkjet ink, and you have to be sure that you purchase the right ultraviolet ink. It is important to talk with the provider about these aspects, because some of them offer for sale only the inks, but there are larger companies that are specialized in offering the complete equipment for this. It is important to collaborate with a provider specialized in this domain, because UV inks are different from traditional ones, and you have to be sure that you would invest your money in something that would offer you effective results. Check the money you lose every year due to counterfeiting, and compare the sum with the one of investing in invisible ink. Now think in advance and see what your advantages would be in 5 years.

It is essential to work with a reliable provider, because if you want the marks to be impossible to copy, you have to purchase ink that is made as a dual state substance. Also, make sure that your employees would fully understand the process, because if the ink is not correctly applied, you would invest the money for nothing. So, train them on how to use an invisible ink printer, and how to use UV ink. This should not be a drawback, because the ink is applied similar to the traditional one, the only difference is that you would have to update the printer device, and they would have to understand how to program it to use the UV ink instead of the regular one. If you would compare the money you would spend in adding invisible ink marks on your products as security option, you would notice that the investment is definitely worth.

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