What you should know about invisible ink printing

When you think of invisible ink you remember the codes you have written in childhood with lemon juice or the hidden treasure maps, but what you do not know is that it could be used in various purposes in present times. Actually, you might probably encountered invisible ink in different commercial and professional settings and you had not a clue of it. The fact is that the invisible UV ink used for official printing is high tech, compared with the products used for childhood games. In fact, it represents an important security precaution, and the majority of business owners use it. In this case, your main question might be what invisible ink consist of, if it is used in this purpose. Well, you should know that professional invisible ink is made according to a complex recipe that guarantees that the design would remain readable, crisp and unseen. The majority of inks are fluorescent, which means that they could be seen under black or UV light, but you would not be able to notice them under normal light.

To be able to create this type of image manufacturers use a sugar, binding agent combined with a fluorescent molecule. But, every one of the manufacturers has a special recipe, so this formula might differ from provider to provider. When you want to buy UV printer ink you have to think at the features you want for it to have, because the design printed with the ink from a special company would look and perform different than the one from their competitors. Some companies are using inks from different providers to obtain a high quality design. If you intend to purchase it for your company, you might question yourself, how are you going to reveal the presence of the ink on the materials you would print. It is advisable to ask the provider what the ink they offer interacts with, because in this way you would know how to reveal it. For some of them you would have to use fluorescent light, because some types of invisible ink glow under this type of light. Others glow under black light, but in case you opt for thermo chromic ink, then you should know that it would have to be exposed to a temperature change, before becoming visible.

Certain providers manufacture inks that would appear only when you run a certain smartphone app, so it is advisable to check their recommendations before making any order, because you have to know from the beginning what other expenses you would have. It is recommended to use this type of ink if you want to secure your documents in a way, because the majority of invisible ink would remain undetectable, unless you have the right equipment to use them. Other question you might have is what you can print with invisible ink. Invisible ink could be used to reproduce almost every design you would do with visible ink. This includes serialization, barcodes, anti-counterfeit marks, QR codes and brand symbols.

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