How does neon ink improve security for a company?

Security is crucial when running a company, especially, when you know that competitors might copy your goods, and they would list them on market stating your company produces them. In this case, you should take extra measures of security, and try to make your products identifiable on the market. One safe way of doing it is to use invisible ink, and mark your goods with a specific sign. All you need is UV printer ink and a special device to design the model you choose. Invisible ink is used with the purpose to prevent product counterfeiting. And because this is its primary use, you would find it an essential security measure if you are working in the pharmaceutical manufacturing domain, luxury markets and other similar industries where counterfeiting causes great loses.

If you use neon ink, you would be able to print on every one of the products you make with an invisible ink element. You would have to collaborate with a provider to offer you a specific recipe, and an ink set, because you have to be sure that the mark you are choosing is impossible to replicate. In case you have a club, and you want to select your customers, or you make a living from organizing different evens, then you should use invisible ink for checking the authenticity of the tickets you are using. Also, you can print specific signs on different coupons you are offering and other type of printed materials, because this makes impossible for others to copy the tickets. In case you are working in the pharmaceutical domain, you should use invisible ink to design miniature folded inserts, which help you track the products. In addition, you can print with its help sequential numbers, because it would help you with tracking inventorying and counterfeiting prevention. If you want to use this way of security for your business, it is advisable to get in touch with the provider, and inform them the usage you would give to the ink, because they could offer you useful recommendations, and different options from which to choose.

What you should know from the beginning is that every company has a specific ink recipe, and every one of them would perform differently, so you should consider your needs, and pay attention to the products descriptions, to see if they match your search. The majority of the inks you would find on the market are fluorescent, so they would not be seen in normal light, but in case you would use black or UV light, they would glow under it. If you want to benefit from high quality designs, then it is advisable to combine different inks, with different features, to obtain a single image, which could not be copied. Make sure that you purchase the revealing equipment together with the invisible ink, and ask the providing company if you have to use a certain app to make the ink glow, because in present times providers make the ink undetectable if you do not use the right equipment.

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