Why handmade olive wood Christian ornaments are a valuable investment

If you own a small boutique, you are probably aware of the many struggles you have to overcome in order to compete with the larger mass-market stores. In fact, one of the most common reasons why small local shops fail isn’t that they are poorly located or that they are more expensive. The reason why they fail is that they don’t come with something new. If people can find the same items that you sell in a supermarket, they will choose the latter, because it’s more convenient. Clients actually don’t mind buying different things from small, local boutiques, even at higher prices, but the effort has to be worth it. Supermarkets are associated with mainstream, lower quality items and expectations aren’t that high, whereas boutiques are expected to bring something novelty products, especially handmade ones. For example, if you own a small store, it’s a great idea to invest in handmade religious items such as olive wood crosses, ornaments and decorations.

It is common knowledge that religious people value to the personal and spiritual item such as an olive wood cross and when they buy such an item they know that it will stay in their family for years, passed on from generation to generation. Therefore, they expect it to have a certain quality. Cheap and accessible as they might be, crosses and ornaments made in China don’t meet the criteria. On the one hand, they don’t have the same attention to detail as handmade ones and tend to look questionable. On the other hand, they feel very impersonal and commercial. An olive wood holding cross is symbolic of some very profound things and if it’s mass made in China, then it somewhat loses its value. People look for quality in such items, so if you decide to sell handmade Christian products in your store, you have a change of succeeding.

Clients’ preference for handmade products is not something new. The easiest it has become to find all sorts of cheap, mass-produced items, the more the value and popularity of handcrafted ones has increased. People are looking to Etsy and independent boutiques to buy beautiful products that tell a story. And what story is more fascinating and heartwarming than the one of an olive wood cross, handmade with love by a local craftsman in Bethlehem, the Holy Land? In such areas, the art of woodworking is passed on from generation to generation and each and every item produced there is loaded with spiritual significance. No two items will be the same, because each has its own individuality – and clients love that.

So, if you own a local boutique, don’t fall into the trap of low-quality, mass-produced, wholesale goods, because it will only serve you on short term. To make yourself known as a high quality supplier, look for unique handmade items such as olive wood holding crosses and ornaments, because you will be known as the supplier who makes a difference and offers something new.

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