Steps to ship a bike safely

When you move in a new house, you have to pack all your things, and in case you are a biking passionate, you have to pay a lot of attention to transporting the bicycles in safe conditions, because they are quite expensive and you cannot afford to damage them. There are different ways you can assure your bike is safe when it arrives at your new house, and all of them imply you packing and boxing it properly. You cannot think that you can pack your bike as you do with the other things from the house, because it requires extra care. The only thing you would need is a special bike box, and you would be able to ship your bike effectively and safely everywhere in the world. This type of box could be found in a special store, so you should consider browsing through the items listed by an online store.

Also, you might need some small hand tools, and in case you want to ship more than one bike, you should look for a store which offers different packing supplies. The first thing is to order a bike case from one of the online providers, because it would prove very helpful in the protecting and moving of the bike. Make sure that you remove any tags from the box or case, because they might mislead the moving company. The second step is to remove the pedals, handlebar, front wheel and seat post, from the bike. These parts could be removed by hand, but in case you have difficulties with taking them aside, then you should use the hand tools. We spoke earlier of. You have to be sure that the fork would not be damaged when the shipping company would transport it, so you should place a block of wood between the dropouts of the front fork. Make sure that it cannot be easily removed. When you rotate the stem and fork, in packing supplies you should make sure that they are rotated facing backwards.

The following step would be to pad or wrap the loose parts and the tubes of the bike in bubble wrap, or special packing material from a professional supplier. In this way, you would protect the parts of the bicycle and the bike itself, and it would not be nicked, scratched and damaged during transportation. You might have packed the loose parts and the handlebar in bubble wrap, but you should secure them with plastic ties or tape. When you have done all these actions, you should place the bike securely into the box or case, and if there is any empty space, then you should fill it with shipping material, because in this way the bike would not rattle or shift inside. Ask you courier on how you should seal the box, and what you have to write on it, because different companies have different requirements. It is important to buy all the supplies from a professional store, and to work with the best courier from your area, because in this way you can be sure that you would ship your bicycle safely.

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