Secure Your Account By Knowing If It Has Been Accessed By Someone Else

Eversince Facebook has been created, there has always been security concerns on the part of its users. As it expanded, the Facebook team introduced new security and privacy options. Even with the greater privacy and security measures allowed today on Facebook, some attackers and intruders still find their way into the accounts of some users. However, this does not mean that you should not pay any attention to the security and privacy efforts laid for every user on Facebook. In fact, you should even ensure that you have explored these options enough and have made the necessary changes.

Your Efforts Matter on Facebook Security

One of the efforts you can do on how to keep your facebook account safe is to check if your account is being accessed by someone else. One of the obvious ways to determine if there is unauthorized access to your account is the availability of posts that you have not made or shared on your timeline. You can also look at your inbox to see if there are any messages that you have not sent. Have you ever used a service such as before? But sometimes, intrusion of your account is not readily obvious so you have to check it through your account. Go to the Security Settings on your account then click Where You’re Logged In. This will show you the sessions using your account. If there are sessions you do not recognize, you can immediately end the activity. Everything identity is worth something on the Black Market, which is dramatically lower than its actual worth. Thus, it is important to protect yourself in every possible way from identity theft.

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