What are the advantages of using heavy duty cantilever racks?

The greatest disadvantage of floor stacking is that it takes up a great deal of space, which is the last thing a business wants. While this option does not require any kind of financial investment, it is not a practical one. Placing pallets on the floor may seem like a good idea, but the piles will take over your stockroom. As the company starts to expand, it is necessary to increase the storage while taking up the least amount of floor space. A great option to increase the footprint of your facility is to use heavy duty industrial shelving, more precisely cantilever racks. Heavy duty cantilever racks are ideal for accommodating different types of goods and materials, especially those that are long and bulky. Cantilever racking is worth the money as it provides many advantages. So what are the advantages of using heavy duty cantilever racks?

A cantilever rack is specifically designed to store cumbersome items of various lengths and size proportions. Examples include piping, lumber, furniture, PVC and many more. What these space savers do is accommodate items that are normally difficult to store because they are too bulky. What is more, this type of heavy duty shelving is suitable for a wide range of industries, such as plumbing, hardware supplies, or aluminium fabricators. The storage solution uses uprights, in other words vertical beams secured into strong bases to store long loads. The arms extend from the braces and forms shelves that store difficult items. Heavy duty cantilever racks provide complete access. Thanks to the increased space, forklifts can easily load and unload goods. It would not be possible to do this if you had a traditional pallet rack. This means that you can reduce the handling time and increase the efficiency of inventory control. Since there is no interference from the upright columns, it is possible to remove or refill the stock quite easily. What is certain is that there is no restriction whatsoever.

Cantilever racking is not difficult to install. Taking into account that there are no actual shelves, it is fairly simple to adjust the height and the angle of the beams. As a matter of fact, it is this easiness that allows you to store various loads. The assembly process is not complicated, but it is worth mentioning that some suppliers ensure the installation of the products sold. Nonetheless, if you are in need of a higher capacity, you can always purchase additional arms. Many companies have discovered that this storage solution offers benefits beyond what they initially expected. The bottom line is that heavy duty cantilever racking systems are good choices for large, cumbersome items as they are space efficient and they optimise the profitability of the business that uses them. Most importantly, the space savers allows for deeper storage, which is the reason why they are such a great choice. If your business is struggling with space restrictions, it is definitely worth considering installing heavy duty cantilever racking. They are indeed superior storage solutions.

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