Simple and effective ways to improve the efficiency of your warehouse’

Every warehouse manager has as priority to increase the space productivity. But the question is: what is the most effective way of doing it? Because there are many options on the market, but you do not know which one of them is suitable for your space. Before choosing one of the options available, you should consider some variables as the workloads, staffing, scheduling, labour and third party vendors, because over them, you have less control, but they have the power of influencing your decisions. Moreover, because you might not have experience in installing heavy duty racks, which are one of the most effective ways of increasing the space’s productivity, you might not know on what areas you should focus, in order to become more efficient, and increase your profit. In addition, if you make changes to more than one areas, you might get confused, and instead of increasing the productivity of the space, you would end up achieving the opposite result.

One way of improving the warehouse efficiency is to optimise and maximise the available space, because it would help you save a lot of money if you opt for this rather than expanding the footprint of your space. It is recommended to add taller storage units, and to invest in suitable equipment to store and pick the goods. If you choose to invest in pallet racking systems, you would be able to keep more products in the same square footage rather than spending money in purchasing or renting a new warehouse. One effective way would be to use different types of racks throughout the warehouse, because different goods need to be stored on different types of shelving. Do not forget to think about the nature of the goods before investing in any new type of shelving systems, because it is important to inform the provider from the beginning on the this aspect. They might offer you some suggestions, and in case they do not have a system suitable for your needs, they might even build you a customised one.

One of the main problems that leads to an ineffective warehouse is that you have stored too many products there, and you do not even need some of them. In this case, you should adopt a lean inventory, which means that you would get inside only what you need. You should eliminate from the warehouse any products that are part of the safety stocks, or at least reduce them. Also, ask the suppliers deliver you small quantities of products more frequently that they do. In addition, you should not ignore that you are doing business in a modern era, so you should consider implementing new procedures and invest in new technologies, because they would help you a lot in saving effort and time in storing your products. These practices not only that would improve the overall performance of your space, but would also lower the labour costs, and this would bring only benefits to your firm.

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