A gentleman’s guide to golfing

Golf itself is considered to be a gentleman’s sports. A pleasant and equally soliciting activity, it requires following some norms and basics when it comes to practicing it. Many seem to forget how relevant etiquette is when golfing and situations is which other players are insulted by other’s behavior are not rare. However, if you managed to book yourself golf courses Spain located and are unsure about some basics you must follow, below are some you might find helpful. Don’t spoil the perfect atmosphere of that Costa Blanca golfing holiday and follow them.

Make your and other player’s safety a priority Although not frequent, golfing accidents do exist and they are not pleasant. Neither golf clubs nor balls are harmless, especially when they reach a high velocity. In order to maintain proper levels of safety, make sure no other players are in your balls’ or club’s trajectory. A club swinging with force might be responsible for high levels of damage; therefore, you might want to avoid such events. Alert the others before hitting the ball, because the wind and other external conditions might affect the balls’ trajectory.

A gentleman always respects other players
Noise is a source of distraction for you as well as other golfers. Just as you enjoy the proper environment for making your hits, others do appreciate it as well. Golfing is an activity performed in tranquility. Therefore, even when playing in groups, respect the other’s right to a quiet environment. Do not obstruct their vision, always remain behind the person preparing to shoot, avoid small talks during this interval. Do not forget, turning off or at least on silent mode your smartphone is the best way of avoiding the sharp looks of other players. A gentleman instinctively knows all these aspects. However, for a good experience at a golf resort in Spain, we will remind you all these.

Always keep up with the group
If you are taking part in a golf course with no different routes for beginners and advanced players, do your best and do not remain behind the group. You will prevent your playing partners from advancing with their game, as well as others from keeping a decent playing pace. Always follow your ball as you shoot, in order to maintain a decent playing speed. Otherwise, the players after you might be forced to waste some time, just so you can reach your ball and make the next hit.

Golfing requires an impeccable behavior
Generally, a gentleman’s behavior must be impeccable, but we will mention this little aspect even so. When golfing, avoid swearing, becoming violent, losing your nerve. Others will surely disregard all these actions and they will have a bad image about you not only as a player, but as a human being as well. Although golfing might get intense at some points, maintain a decent attitude, always respect other players as well as the equipment provided by the facility you find yourself at.

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