Key tricks to become a better golf player

So you have discovered a new passion, you like to play golf, and you would do everything to spend as much time as possible on the golf course. Well, in this case you would have to improve your game, because you would meet professionals and you would have to avoid a situation of not accepting you to play with them, because you do not have the needed knowledge and experience. It is important to learn the rules before hitting the Alicante golf courses, because no one likes to have as a partner a player who does not know the rules. But there are some tricks which would prove very helpful when you are on the course, because even if you know the rules, you would still need a little help to become a better player.

The majority of beginners make a common mistake, they do not know how to proper align the clubface. Moreover, because you do not have experience you might deal with the same issue. The first thing you have to do is to assess the target from behind the ball. In this way, you would have a clear perspective of the hole and you would know where the ball should go. After doing this, you should set the clubface behind the ball and make sure to align it directly to the target. Now is time to situate the rest of the body. In this case, there is not a right or wrong method, you have to stay as your body feels comfortable. In the majority of cases does not work to align your body to the target, so avoid doing this when you play golf in Costa Blanca. Other important trick that would help you win the game is to choose a club that would suit your needs. Beginners consider that they have to choose the club according to the length, so they would use shorter clubs for the shorter holes and longer for the longer ones. But the fact is that you have to keep in view the whether, hazards, and wind. Also, you have to consider the type of approach you would have to adopt.

If you want to become a better ball striker you have to maintain your stance, no matter if you change the clubs or not. The best players always have a good grip, so if you want to become one of them you have to be sure that you have one too. The first thing you have to do is to grip the club with your hand and place the handle between the palm and the first knuckle. The following step is to put the other hand comfortable on the handle of the club, and form two Vs. with the index fingers of your both hands. Make sure that during the game you would play with the wind and not against it, because the blow of the wind could change everything. Adjust your posture in such a way to make the wind work for you.

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