What NOT to do when meeting an escort

Newbies who decide that calling an escort and meeting her is today’s best option should bear in mind a few “Dos”, but a series of “Don’ts”. Yes, there are certain thing you cannot do while meeting for your both safety as well as showing some respect to the girl. Just because you afford call girls London and pay for their services, this doesn’t mean you are allowed to do anything you want. And oftentimes, rookies do mistakes not because they are malicious, but because of their lack of experience. Hoverer, with a little guidance everybody can become a master in meeting these girls and making the experience a lot more pleasant for both parts. Instead of explaining you what should you do when meeting an escort, we decided that a list of things you shouldn’t do, as most escorts describe it, would help you more.

As a golden rule, DON’T negotiate the price. We all have a price, and don’t try to convince others they are worth less than they state. For escorts in north London and not only, this is rude and inconsiderate, and many refuse clients based on their attitude towards fees and financial expectations. While many have negotiable rates, the large majority stick to their prices. Instead of embarrassing yourself from the first try, contain yourself from such actions. Especially if you like and enjoy her presence and plan further meetings with her, be respectful and always pay the entire price. Don’t turn this into a charity act from her side. Moreover, DON’T attempt on bringing her presents. Many clients think it’s ok to bring a bottle of champagne or a box of chocolates when going to escorts. While in other casual contexts this might be more than appropriate and welcomed, with escorts, there are other variables. Many have an internal rule not to drink with clients and refusing your present might put her in a delicate situation. The last thing you need when meeting an escort for the first time is create an awkward atmosphere. Same thing with edible presents. How can you be sure the person you’re meeting is not allergic to chocolate, for example? For safety, keep it simple and you both have less reasons to worry about.

You might be worried regarding your body scent, but please, DON’T bathe in perfumes or body mists. They might smell appealing, but for someone interacting so intimately with you might feel a little too much. Plus, such products have an awful taste and bad side effects. You don’t want to give your escort a stomach ache. On the other hand, DON’T become invasive in terms of private life. If she feels like, she’ll bring up some aspects in discussion, but as two adults, you should respect each other’s privacy. Getting to know one is not about knowing the name of her parents. Start your discussion with light topics, like movies, music or even books. If an escort is well educated, don’t act too surprised. They oftentimes have PhDs and solid knowledge in a variety of fields.

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