Do eyelash growth products really work?

Without even realizing it, eyelashes are one of the most powerful accessories women can wear. Making our eyes appear bigger and more opened, it is no wonder long eyelashes have always been appreciated by both women and men. However, not all of us have naturally long and thick eyelashes. For most of us, especially blonde women, they are barely noticeable. Many use tricks like eyelash extensions or fake eyelashes to enhance them, but in most of the cases, they damage the natural ones. Improperly applied or removed, they can conduct to pulled eyelashes. This is not only painful, but it also has great aesthetic negative impact. However, on the market seem to constantly appear effective eyelash growth products. Both affordable and effective, they have become a reliable alternative for those women looking to enhance their eyes in a non-invasive way. However, do they really work? Are there certain aspects you should pay attention to while using them and afterwards? We did some research and here’s what we found out.

Fact is eyelash growth serums have many natural components, which individually, empower growth. With multiple ingredients of this kind in their composition, you can expect sure positive effect after a fairly short amount of time. Natural extract like cucumber extract as well as vitamins from the B spectrum seem to work wonders on hair growth in general. Just as important as it is to take them from your diet, local application is also essential. When choosing an eyelash serum, pay great attention to the number and type of Vitamin B they have and natural extracts. A good serum should have as components Vitamin B7, Vitamin B5, B6 and B12. Besides, with great effects on eyelash growth have been reported ingredients like pomegranate extract, white tea extract and cucumber extract. The presence of other pharmaceutical ingredients is normal and expected, therefore fear not if you find such elements in your eyelash serum composition.

Yes, eyelash growth products do work, but you must pay great attention to your beauty rituals as well. Without even knowing, you might perform some specific tasks that endanger your lashes’ length and density. Don’t expect your serum to work wonders if you constantly forget to remove your makeup. This negatively affects the lashes’ follicles, blocks them and causes falling. Moreover, dust is one of your lashes worst enemies. Just like your skin, they must be constantly clean if long and healthy lashes are what you aim for. Therefore, clean them with regularity and avoid alcohol-based makeup removal products. Additionally, pay attention to your movements when cleaning or removing your eye makeup. They must be delicate and while cleaning your eyelashes, perform an upwards movement. Do this downwards, and you will end up pulling them. Diet also has something to say about your general appearance. A diet full of fruits and vegetables, fibres and as little as possible processed products will make the difference between beautiful hair, eyelashes and skin, and ones with multiple problems.

Yes, such products are effective, but with a little implication from you as well. Stay healthy and treat your lashes well.

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