50 Years’ of Vacation – Autobiography of Acclaimed Hotelier Michel Noblet Launched in France by Editions Mélibée

Michel P.J. Noblet, an hotelier par excellence with 50 years of outstanding experience with some of the world’s leading hospitality brands launched today his professional autobiography 50 Years’ of Vacation in Saint Gaudens, France. The launch was strategically planned to coincide with the centenary (100-year) celebrations of the prestigious Toulouse Hotel School where Michel completed his education in 1965 to take his first steps in hospitality.

The unveiling of the book was symbolically held at the historic Pedussaut Hotel in Saint Gaudens that is located in Occitanie French Region. The ceremony was attended by Michel’s mother Odette Noblet as well as top dignitaries from the region. It was here that Michel was born in 1946 and soon after his parents took over the management of the Pedussaut Hotel.

Edited and published by Editions Mélibée, the 315-pages book, originally written in French, has also been translated into English. Both editions are being simultaneously released with the French version referenced on Dilicom and distributed by Daudin. On the other hand the English edition is being distributed all over the English-speaking countries across Europe followed by USA, Africa and Middle East by the internationally reputed UK-based firm ‘Lightning Source’ which is a subsidiary of Hachette Book Group. 50 Years’ of Vacation is being equally well promoted online and will soon be available on leading e-book stores such as Amazon.com, fnac.com and Chapitre.com.

50 Years’ of Vacation by Michel P.J. Noblet is a fascinating account of his journey around the world as an hotelier. Leaving home at the age of 16 years in 1962, Michel worked in over 33 countries during the course of his 50 years career developing and opening 104 landmark hotels – at times in the most unexpected places, and everywhere he went he felt at home with the natives, absorbing the local culture and traditions with remarkable ease.

In this inspiring memoir, Michel shares his life’s extraordinary experiences in the most engaging manner recalling interesting anecdotes from hosting the most powerful Kings and Sheikhs to organizing grand feasts in the middle of nowhere. The racy narrative is delivered in a gripping chronological style with the author maintaining the tempo until the end building up the reader’s appetite with captivating incidents.

Weaving intriguing historical, geographical, political, social and economic details, Michel takes readers on an exhilarating adventure of Europe, Africa, Middle East, Asia, Asia Pacific and the Americas. Such is the beauty of Michel’s writing that one actually travels back in time with him absorbing the sights, smells and sounds of the various places. Cultural reflections are subtly woven throughout the book that describes both staggering highs and desperate lows of both an expatriate life as well as a passionate hotelier out to excel against all odds. There are many lessons to be learnt here for both beginners as well as those established in the industry.

Michel rapidly progressed in his career starting with legendary names such as Café de la Paix and La Tour Eiffel to working with the iconic Le Grand Hotel which was then the largest hotel in France built during the reign of Napoleon III in 1862.

50 Years’ of Vacation, is also in many ways an interesting history of the formation, development and growth of Le Meridien chain of hotels – that in turn reflects the evolution of the global hospitality industry. Michel’s incredible experience includes 30 years with Le Meridien Hotels & Resorts where he is counted among the founders having been appointed by Air France in 1968 – way before the hotel chain was established as Le Meridien Hotels & Resorts. Working his way up, Michel made an immense contribution to its success and was instrumental in the group’s widespread development and growth. In the prime of his career he was responsible for developing 33% of Le Meridien’s portfolio of managed hotels opening 33 hotels along with 20 in pre-opening.

For more information about the book and the author visit www.michelnoblet.com

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