Escort scenarios your clients are tired of

There are some themes in the escort industry which are permanently required by clients, but when being a high class escort, you just have to consider wisely the scenarios you bring in the bedroom with your clients, because they might just been tired of the same story. Even if some customers are asking for certain scenarios, you should not do the mistake to consider that all of them have the same tastes. The first times when you meet the same client it is ok to play the role of a dominatrix escort London, but you have to be careful because they want something else every time, and this is why they are choosing your services, and they are not satisfied with what their spouses offer. It is important to ask the clients about their preferences, but you also have to be creative because it is your job to make them feel satisfied of choosing you.

So, the first scenario the majority of clients are bored of is the girlfriend experience. The majority of them have a girlfriend at home, they do not pay you to play this role, so even if you are specialised in this part, you should choose other scenarios for entertaining them. For being sure if your client wants or not to skip the flirting part, you should ask them from the beginning, because some of them need a lot of affection, but some only want to get what they were paying for, and we are not talking about flirting and affection. So, you might have heard that there are clients who want to find you dressed up like a naughty schoolgirl, but think of the men you are dating, do they seem to you adolescents? So, do you want to welcome a businessman in the room of a hotel dressed up ridiculously with knee socks, a short plaid skirt and an extremely tight white shirt? When contacting a London escort agency people expect to date a classy woman, who can offer them pleasure according to their taste, so do not perform this type of scenario if you are not definitely sure that they want this particular thing.

However, you have to be careful what role-plays you also accept, because you might end up considering that you are not willing to do a certain thing, even if this is your job. As with any other jobs, you might think at a certain time, that the things you are asked to do are against your rules, and you want to leave the date as soon as possible. Therefore, if you do not like messy dates you should talk with the clients from the beginning, and ask them if they have this type of preferences, and inform them that you are not willing to meet them. In addition, some of them might want to meet you in public, but if you are not sure about how they look and what their intentions are, it is not recommended to meet this requirement.

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