Escort dress code: what to wear for a date

In present time, being an escort is one of the standard jobs people could have, because it is quite different from what it used to be in the past. The services offered by escorts differ according to the agency they work for, but you have the possibility to choose exactly what you feel comfortable with. However, if you are a beginner in this domain, and you do not exactly what it is appropriate and what is not, you should start seeking information, and ask advice from persons who have more experience in this domain. As you already know people are judging according to their first impression, and when being one of the call girls London, you have only one opportunity to impress your clients. So make sure that you dress according to the escorts’ dress code. There is not a particular uniform you should wear when meeting your clients, but you have to respect some code rules if you want to be seen as a high-end professional.

You rely on your image to be successful, so if you want to reach the level of success you desire, you have to be sure that everyone would be impressed by your image. Therefore, when you have a date you have to dress to blend with the other persons, because you do not want to be perceived by everyone, as one of the escorts in north London, from the moment you get on the room. You should never be recognised as an escort, even if you have to dress in such a way to enhance your best attributes, so you should not be vulgar. You have to look appropriately when you attend with your client an event. Depending on the moment of the day when you are meeting your clients, you have to be sure that you do not wear evening clothes if you are meeting with them in the middle of the day. You should wear night-time clothes if you are meeting your client after 9 p.m., but if you are having a date in the daytime or early evening, then the best option is to wear daytime dresses.

Depending on the type of date, you have to adjust even your make-up. So if the client asks you to meet him at a formal gala, you should wear dramatic make-up, but if you are seeing him in daytime, then you should opt for nude tones. Regarding of the moment of the day when you are meeting your clients, the makeup you are wearing should be flattering, simple and enhancing your natural beauty, because no one wants to date a women who looks like a different person when she sweats a little. You should avoid wearing any makeup that looks trashy or painted. At this type of date you should not wear perfume, because some clients could be allergic to them, and they would prefer to avoid wearing the scent of your perfume after the date is over. However, you can wear a perfumed lotion, because they are acceptable.

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