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Travel destinations are always a subject most people enjoy. Typically brought up are exotic islands in the middle of the ocean. However, for a good summer vacation, you can always choose something more affordable, a place with fresh air and surrounded by mountains and waters, and closer to home. Such a place you can find on Ketchikan, Alaska. You can easily find hotels in Ketchikan, and there are plenty of reasons to choose Alaska for your next vacation. Below are detailed some on those you might enjoy.

1. The most well preserved wildlife in USA
If you enjoy a quiet, green place, Alaska is for you. Not many areas in the United States are as well preserved as Alaska, and the surroundings are always stunning. The last census reported a number of approximately 626,932 individuals living here and the population density is quite small, if you take into account the state’s surface of about 663.267 square miles. Of the entire population, Ketchikan is the host of about 8,050 individuals. Only a small part of the state is accessible by road, the rest of it you can reach by water, air or by simply hiking. This is the main reason its flora is so well preserved, here living some of the rarest species in the entire territory of the United States. Additionally, the state is the home of the Kodiak Black Bear and has the largest number of bald eagles. However, for the large number of tourists that frequently transit the state, there appeared many Ketchikan Alaska hotels.

2. The views and surroundings
The mountains and glaciers might be the most impressive elements of the nature here. You can go hiking to Mount McKinley is you are adventurous enough, and you can go to Glacier Bay National Park and Preserve and admire the glaciers there. Their number is above 50 and they are some of the best preserved in the world, given the global warming phenomenon.

3. No tax is applied to goods in Alaska
If you thought it can’t get better, well, it can. No tax for sales in perceived in this state and you can buy goods at lower prices than anywhere else in the USA. A good occasion for the ladies out there to buy some new clothing pieces or appliances while your husband is busy fishing or rafting. With an economy based on tourism and commercial fishing, Ketchikan is known as the Salmon capital of the world. The cuisine as you might have guessed is based on this central meal, and chefs have specialized in creating new courses for the tourists. Besides the affordable shopping you can do there, you can also enjoy an affordable meal with a highly appreciated main ingredient.

When you want a quiet vacation and some stunning views, you can always go to a location like this and enjoy a week. The prices are affordable and the satisfaction is guaranteed. With great meals and views like these, it is no wonder that this small city has become so popular among US citizens and not only.

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