Explaining some of the advantages of deep drawn technology

It is common knowledge that new products fail all the time. The fact is that the mortality rate of new products is as high as 95%. In some industries, nonetheless, products cannot afford to fail. We are talking about military, aerospace and commercial applications. You dedicate all your resources to product development only to discover that the sheet metal does not deliver optimal results. As a company that makes metal products, there is nothing else you can do but switch to a completely different manufacturing process. You should use deep drawing, especially if you find it particularly difficult to make pieces from stainless steel. Deep drawn stainless steel is only one of the many applications of this metal forming method.

Deep drawing may very well be one of the most popular metal forming methods available to manufacturers, yet ordinary people are have yet to learn about the many benefits that it brings about. What is important to remember about this manufacturing process is that it has been around for decades. Therefore, it is not actually a new metal forming method, but rather a traditional one. The sheet metal forming process is a highly practical option, especially when it comes to producing high volumes of products. Unlike traditional methods, deep drawing makes use of low cost materials, the result being a considerable reduction of assembly costs. To put it differently, there is no more need to spend time and, most important, money on putting together different components. What is more, it is no longer necessary to resort to secondary processes in order to obtain a quality finish.

What is remarkable about deep drawing is that it helps manufacturers obtain quality products. It is performed by metal stamping in a place that deals with custom work. Even following repetitious productions, there is no fluctuation in the metal plate. The process can continue for a long time and there is no upkeep involved. The technique is recommended for small items, specifically geometric shapes. Accuracy is not an issue with deep drawn cases and the results are anyway much more reliable compared to those offered by alternative methods, such as forcing the metal. The sheet metal forming process is a feasible solution for any manufacturing process. Other examples of industries that can benefit from the use of this metal forming method are the medical industry, the food industry, and the transport sector.

The bottom line is that deep drawn technology is a revolutionary metal forming method, yet attention should be paid to the fact that not everyone is capable of mastering it. In a way, it can be considered one of the most advanced technologies. Besides materials and machine tools, it is necessary to have experience, which can only be gained with time. This is the reason why only engineers are trusted with the manufacturing of sheet metal. Although it is true that the drawing carries some limitations as well, it is still one of the most advantageous ones. When it comes to precision manufacturing, deep drawn technology is the only solution worth considering.

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