Are you qualified for joining a global logistics network?

n present times is quite hard for an independent company to compete with a multinational when it has to obtain a contract, and this is a common situation in different domains. But when it comes to trading, you have the possibility to beat the leading multinationals by joining a cargo alliance. These alliances are exclusive networks that offer freight forwarders the possibility to benefit from reduced costs and risks, and to grow their business with the help of the other members. You would have exclusivity, because the network would make sure that, there is a single forwarder in the airport and seaports they are operating. In addition, in case your firm needs to find a partner in one of the world ports, you would have access to a finding tool, which would show you the member of the network who is trading there. As you can see, joining a logistics network would bring you many benefits, but you have to meet some requirements in order to become part of one of the most reliable ones from the industry.

You might have the wrong impression that a large logistics network would collaborate only with the biggest freight forwarders from the market, but they are actually looking for the most solvent, professional and reliable firms, which can show them that they have a good credit history and that have a significant business volume. Therefore, if you are interested in joining a freight alliance, you should consider checking their website, because there you would find all the details you need, about the application process, and the conditions you have to meet, for successfully joining them. However, the majority of freight alliances have some common conditions, when it comes to accepting new members, so you have to be sure that you meet these ones, before completing a membership application. The main condition is that you have to be an expert when it comes to the local market you are trading within, and you have to have a wide knowledge about how it functions. The logistics network would definitely check if your firm is solvent, professional and reliable, so you should make sure that you do not have any unsolved problems with your collaborators and clients. In addition, it is important for you company to have a significant business volume and a good standing with the other agents and carriers.

You also have to understand that you have to be prepared because once you are accepted you would have a bigger business volume, so you have to check if your company would be able to successfully accomplish all the new projects it would receive. Keep in mind that every cargo alliance has its own style of working and rules, so you have to study carefully the ones of the alliance you are planning to join, and see if they are suitable to your working style. In addition, there are some membership requirements you have to meet in order to become part of it. Check the rules and procedures and see if they are suitable to your company.

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