Important info to know before joining a cargo network

Being a freight forwarder can be quite stressful in the present market, because you have to compete with multinationals when it comes to obtaining a contract. The majority of clients prefer to collaborate with a multinational, because it represents a brand, and it is considered more reliable than an independent freight forwarder. But being an independent company does not mean that you do not provide trustworthy services, or that you would not offer your clients better offers than a multinational would do, but you have to find a way to reach to them, and convince them to use your services instead of them. Well, an option would be to join a cargo network, because it would offer you the advantage of trading under a brand name, and people would trust your services, because it is widely known that logistics networks collaborate only with reliable and professional firms.

But for joining an alliance you have to meet certain requirements, because they are an exclusive network. Therefore, you have to have a wide knowledge on the trades from your area, and know how the local market functions, for proving the logistics network the information. In addition, you have to have a significant business volume, because you have to bring a contribution to the network. When becoming a member, your business would rapidly grow, because you would benefit from mutual cooperation with the other agents from the logistics network. However, for being considered a possible member, you have to have a professional, reliable and solvent firm, because for the logistics network is important to work only with agents that have a good collaboration with the other carriers and agents. Also, keep in mind that you would have to meet the membership requirements, and you would have to provide the cargo alliance complete details about your business. You would have to follow certain regulations and rules, and you would have to agree with the procedures of the cargo network. Before sending your membership appliance, it is recommended to check if the territory you are trading is available, because as stated before the logistics networks do not have more than one agent in a certain port.

Once you become member, you would have access to a wide number of advantages. You can expand your business, because you would have reliable partners everywhere around the world. Because the members are carefully selected, you know that you can rely on them, when you have to collaborate with one. The agents of every network are bound by strict regulations and rules, and in case they break them, they would be expulsed from the alliance. The main benefit would be the one that you have the certainty that you are working only with productive, trustworthy and good paying agents. In addition, you would have to take part to the annual meeting of the members of the cargo alliance, where you would have to share with the others your business prerogatives for the following year and you would find more details about the present issues and trends of the market.

If you want to join a cargo network or learn more about how a logistics network works, please check out these links!

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