Green buildings, building for the future

Few would now deny that climate change is a reality, partly if not totally due to human activity. Responsible governments are bound to encourage more sustainable development and in Mauritius, as in many other countries, the construction industry is already acquiring more experience in how to design buildings looking to the future and with a reduced environmental impact.

Project managers and consultants, particularly MEP Engineers and architects, are regularly coming up with new solutions and the best firms are fully equipped with the latest technological software – and the very best have learnt how to adapt it taking into account local environmental factors. For example, an increasing number of firms can now offer LEED certification of buildings, following on from the pioneering initiative of Prodesign several years ago. LEED certification is accepted internationally as one of the best ways of assessing a building’s green credentials.

The advantages of green buildings

Not the least advantage of green buildings is that they improve the quality of the lives of those who live in them. The use of fresh air circulation and natural light are maximised, not just in homes but also in offices and other work environments. In this respect, the direction a building faces grows in importance, as does the use of environmentally-friendly materials wherever possible.

However, one of the more complicated issues facing home owners and property developers is our modern-day reliance on energy which is both costly and has also been eating up non-renewable resources. Fortunately, several solutions are now available to cut down on lighting, cooling and heating bills and our insatiable appetite for energy. Energy efficiency is what everyone is now seeking and the good news is that sustainability engineers have an improved panoply of measures at their disposal, including solar panels, better insulation techniques and cool basements – even wind farms on larger developments. Good engineers certified in LEED in Mauritius and project managers are also an invaluable source of guidance on what equipment to buy, equipment that will save on running costs and have a decent life-cycle.

Respecting the environment for its own sake is also important, while developers and firms who show this have the side advantage of themselves earning respect from their clients. Thus, don’t be surprised to find that some construction projects include water and refuse recycling systems and the like. Those who show respect for the environment are seen as more likely to respect their clients and customers, not least tenants, and building green produces a win-win situation.

The best green buildings also look to the future, to when refurbishment or renovation may be needed. Indeed, green building concepts can also be used to renovate existing buildings and a few project managers and sustainability engineers are also experienced in how to carry out such works while disrupting current work activities as little as possible. Prodesign, who are not only MEP and Sustainability Engineers but also Project Managers, have considerable experience in the sector.

When you decide to invest in green building, the best Project Managers and Engineers will also provide you with support once your project is completed and it’s very much well worth checking exactly what services any firm involved in the construction industry offers in that respect. Maintenance of systems, for example, can be as important as the initial work. Above all, you should decide on which firm or firms to use based on hard facts about their experience, competence and reliability. In the case of green buildings, you should also make sure they are as likely to be as friendly to you as to the environment.

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