The beneficial health properties of sushi

Researchers have concluded that Japanese find themselves among the healthiest people on the planet, and the main reason for that is their dietary habit. On average, a Japanese diet consists of raw fish, rice and vegetables, sushi being one of the traditional dishes for them, consumed almost on a regular basis. Nowadays, sushi has become a popular meal all around the world, due to its delicious taste and healthy properties. With so many great sushi places out there, such as Sushi Earl’s Court, you can eat sushi every day while experienced different tastes and flavors each time. Here is what you need to know about the common ingredients used when cooking sushi.

Raw fish
Fish contains omega-3 fatty acids, which are linked to improved circulation and heart protection. A consumption of 100 of raw fish a day can prove to be extremely beneficial for your health. However, you should avoid cooking sushi yourself, and eat at a restaurant instead, because raw fish are usually known for being host to various parasitic worms, and need to be prepared in a particular way to kill these worms and their eggs. One great restaurant you need to try, which will certainly wow you with their amazing variety of delicious sushi is Sushi Gray’s Inn, which has become extremely popular among those who love eating this type of meals.

Another ingredient often used for cooking this dish is seaweed. The concentrated mineral content found in seaweed is known for its health benefits, and this is why it is recommended use it in your diet in large amounts on a regular basis. Besides being rich in calcium iron, iodine and magnesium, seaweed also boost flavor, and this is why it is often used when cooking sushi.

Providing a great source of energy, when consumed with regularity, rice is able to treat digestive disorders. Although, highly refined rice does not have that many nutrients, in comparison with brown rice, including it in your diet is recommended.

Studies have shown that wasabi (the green paste combined perfectly with sushi) contains isothiocyanates, which can have the role of preventing tooth decay. Moreover, it has been discovered that by eating this paste on a regular basis, you can prevent blood clots and aid cancer.

Soy sauce
Soy sauce is a popular ingredient used nowadays not just with sushi but with other dishes as well. Although, it can be linked to cardiovascular and osteoporosis prevention, you should avoid consuming it in large amounts, if you are dealing with high blood pressure, or you have a low sodium diet.

As you can see, the ingredients you find in sushi are each of them beneficial for your health, and this is why sushi consumption is recommended. Despite common belief, eating sushi with regularity can be easily included in any diet. Find the best sushi restaurants in your area and try them all. With so many beneficial health properties, eating sushi at least once a week should become tradition.

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