Sushi: the exquisite dish you can enjoy anytime

No matter where you live, you have definitely heard about sushi and tried the dish at least once. This type of food was initially prepared in Japan, but since it is so exquisite and delicious, it has managed to become a worldwide delicacy. If you live in the United Kingdom, rest assured there are plenty of London sushi restaurants where you can enjoy this healthy, delicious and classy meal. Taking into consideration that it is made of cooked vinegared rice, fish (or other sea food) and vegetables, sushi is one of the lightest dishes you could ever eat. All these ingredients are natural and easy to digest and even if they vary from one region to another, the main one is invariably rice (also named sumeshi or shari). If you are interested in trying the plate, you can even get sushi delivery, as there are also multiple establishments providing their clients with food to go. All you have to do is get the phone number, call and they will come to your door, serving the tastiest dishes ever.

In case you are wondering how this food has managed to conquer the entire world, then you should probably try it and you are going to understand. The history of sushi has its roots in the 8th century in Japan, where the locals had the custom of preserving fresh fish in fermented rice. This became a habit for all the inhabitants of Southeast Asia, where most of the main courses consisted in sea food and rice, because of climatic conditions and geographical position. Later on, during the Muromachi period, people started to eat their provisions and that is how sushi first became an official dish by itself. After a while, vinegar was used for rice fermentation and the plate was enriched by adding the vegetables, which are nowadays sometimes replaced with tropical fruit. Given the fact that it is a fast food course, while also being quite healthy and easy to prepare, the dish has immediately gone overseas, reaching even the farthest realms. Currently, it is internationally associated with the Japanese culture and sushi delivery and restaurants are present all around the globe. Of course, there are several variations in terms of ingredients, in order to please anyone who is trying the plate – it can be prepared with white or brown rice, fish or sea food, raw or cooked. There are also a lot of condiments, spices and sauces you can try to enhance the experience: wasabi, ginger, soy sauce and so on. In addition to this, the dish has also been adjusted for those who are vegetarians.

In the United Kingdom, sushi is one of the most popular plates. Nowadays, it is served in London sushi restaurants and at home, via delivery services. It seems that the dish has been introduced in the kingdom by Crown Prince Akihito, during his visit to Queen Elizabeth II, in May 1953. Ever since, sushi became the most commonly served Japanese dish in the UK.

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