Is experiential marketing suitable for your business?

When it comes to advertising, anyone knows that digital marketing has gained a lot of ground in the past years. Technology has evolved, new gadgets seem to appear overnight and internet is blooming, which means that any decent business needs to make use of online strategies for advertising. However, in a world dominated by technology, when everybody has understood the importance of digital methods, another trend comes along: experiential marketing. While using exhibition staff as brand ambassadors was already a well-known promotional solution, but how about trying something new, such as enabling potential clients to experience how it feels to actually use your product? This is also an innovative, efficient and thus popular option. At the moment, hiring an experiential marketing agency to design and implement a campaign for you is the latest trend. The strategy is actually extremely efficient, but unfortunately cannot be used for any type of business.

If he term ‘experiential marketing’ is still unknown to you, rest assured it is not that hard to understand what it means. As its name says, it is that particular advertising method that enables you to provide potential customers with the possibility to try your product and see how they feel. This way, the marketer intends to create an emotional impression on the user, preferably a positive one, in order to convince them to buy the product in the upcoming period. Unlike other marketing strategies, this one is strictly based on appealing human senses and making a connection between the feeling and the desire to experience it again. While this type of advertising is ideal for certain products, it may not work in the same manner for others. For instance, companies that are not providing a tangible result of their services may find it hard to come up with an idea easy to implement. However, a professional experiential marketing agency is able to create a strategy that will manage to attract customers. The firms that can benefit the most from this method are those advertising concrete products that are in direct connection with human senses. Some good examples would be foods, drinks or clothes. A successful campaign would involve hiring professional exhibition staff and choosing a targeted place where to install a stand where you can share samples to passers-by. For foods, a supermarket is the perfect choice: let people taste your aliments and convince them they want more than just a sample. If you are selling refreshing drinks, you can install a small stand on a beach, on a hot summer day and distribute your products. This will create a huge impact on consumers, who will definitely want more!

As you can see, experiential marketing is a great option as long as you adjust the strategies to your needs, and those of your customers. Hire a specialized agency, allow them to do their job, and soon enough you will start seeing beneficial changes.

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