Traits of a good client: in an escort’s opinion

Many clients tend to have a pejorative attitude towards escorts. However, nobody has the right to judge somebody’s choice of a job, moreover if they need and use their services. Being an escort is a choice, just as it is working in finance or retail. In Great Britain those services are legal, so next time when you are interacting with escorts, try to have a better attitude towards them. In order to make it easier for you, we asked some Liverpool escorts and Manchester escorts what makes a good client for them.

Take care of your hygiene and appearance
Hygiene is necessary, even though you do not have a personal relationship with them. However, just by physically interacting with a person, you should put your appearance and personal habits first. Why? Because this way you are showing them respect and recognize them as a hard working individuals. They surely understand it might not be possible for you to come straight out of shower. However all facilities of this kind have a shower you can use whenever necessary.

Correct payment
Just like you are paying for all the other services you are using, escorts have rules when it comes to paying. It can be up front or at the end, but always it has to be the correct amount of money, given the fact that charges are always known. A good client does not try to bargain. Accepting the charges and paying correctly is a way of showing respect. Moreover, when a client tries to bargain, all women feel embarrassed for themselves and the client.

A good client respects the boundaries
Working with people requires boundaries. Respecting the physical and emotional limits imposed by your paid companion is a golden rule. Do not try to broaden the lines with money and certainly you should not try to use emotional blackmail or physical force. Allow your escort to decide what feels safe for her and respect her decisions. Being intimate with another person does not necessary means that you have rights over them in any way of form.

Moreover, a good client respects the escorts’ time
Try not to reschedule and cancel the meetings, because, just like in any other business, time is money. Show them respect by being always on time at meeting. Another important rule is to call or e-mail them if you cannot attend the meeting for some reasons. If this does not become a habit, women will surely understand your situation and will be happy if they can help you with a reschedule.

A good attitude is always appreciated
You are using this type of services because you are seeking a pleasant company and you want to unwind. This goes both ways. Have a good attitude on appointments and be positive. In addition, humour is always appreciated. Escorts always understand the reasons you are being there, even if you do not verbalize them. However, no escort enjoys a sad, depressed or grumpy client. Try to be positive in order to have a better experience.

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