Deciding upon the right firewall: what to consider

Nowadays it is essential to use a firewall when your business is based on working on computers, because the Internet is seen as a dangerous medium where there are plenty of threats, and you have to be sure that you are protected. In these conditions, you might be a vulnerable target, and if you are identified as one, your systems would be attacked. Also, you should know that in the majority of cases the attackers do not target you as company, but the information from your system, so you have to do your best to find a suitable firewall that would protect your network for Internet threats. But not all the products you would find on the market would be as reliable as Sonicwall firewall, and you have to be sure that you consider the right aspects when you try to decide upon one.

The first thing you have to understand is that different firewalls have different features, and some of them are suitable to be used with certain networks, but some of them do not. Your business organization needs a firewall that would protect the internal system from attacks, and choosing one should not be overwhelming for you. Some people might tell you that you should ask other business managers to recommend you one, but the fact is that network security and computers have changed in the last years so much that you have to be sure that you invest in technology that is able to meet the demands of your system. If you ask for recommendations a person who has not changed the technology they use in their company in the last years, you might end up buying a firewall that is not able to handle the attacks from external sources. You buy components from well-known brands as Extreme Networks, so why not doing the same when purchasing technology, in this way you are sure that you have nothing to worry, and you have access to the best products from the market. The following aspect you should consider is reviewing as many options as possible, because you have to be sure that you choose the best. Compare them not only in what regards their features, but also their price, because some might be listed at higher prices, but they might not differ when compared with the others.

In your company are working specialists from different domains, so you should ask for a second opinion. The IT managers are the ones who use these systems daily, and they might know better what features you should look for in a firewall. Share with them some of your choices, and ask them to offer their opinion, because they might have access to information you might not have, and they could offer you a clear image about their effectiveness. Do not forget to search for feedback, because you are not the only business that needs firewall protection. There is definitely a company that used a certain firewall, and its specialists provided feedback on their experience when using it.

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