Everything you need to know about weighted blankets for autism

A weighted blanket is a therapeutic sheet that provides input for children suffering from autism spectrum and other similar developmental disabilities. Unlike normal coverings, it is heavy and it generally ranges between four to 25 pounds. As the name clearly suggest, the bed coating applies pressure, thus providing proprioceptive input to the body. In other words, the weighted blanket autism helps youngsters as well as teens become aware of the position of their body in space and encourages them to roam around the environment. Weighted blankets are used in particular in occupational theory for children who find it difficult to process and respond to sensory stimuli. Nevertheless, the therapeutic sheets are used with success for normal young persons as well.

Toddlers, who are hyperactive, such as those with Autism Spectrum Disorder, are irritable when it comes to anything involving the senses, which is the reason why they get an uncomfortable sensation when they are embraced by their parents. If you are worried about your kid’s aggressive tantrums, you should use a weight blanket. Special needs blankets regulate brain functions and implicitly mood. Weighted blankets autism are filled with plastic poly pellets whose weight determine the brain to release serotonin, the calming chemical in the body. Since the dawn of time, people have wrapped their infants in snuggles in order to ease fussiness and medical facilities all over the world continue to use deep pressure therapy.

Deep-pressure therapy is equally useful for improving sensory regulation. Children who are severely affected by the inability to regulate their awareness based on the stimuli presented greatly benefit from pressure intake. This is not explained by witchcraft, but rather by the fact that the force of the sheet makes kids prone to sleeping. The covering determines the release of serotonin and the weight actually decreases blood pressure and the heart rate. They sleep sounder and the likelihood is that they wake up feeling more joyful. If your child has not gotten an ounce of sleep all night, wrapping him in a snuggle may be a good solution to induce sleeping. You can be sure that your offspring will no longer deal with insomnia.

It is obvious that sensory blankets are multipurpose. They can be used as a grounding technique, to increase reality orientation and to relax. Whether your kid is experiencing sensory overload or sleep disruption, you will find that using a sensory blanket is effective. A great number of parents have reported that their children have found important benefits. Instead of trying to make your own sheet with the use of plastic pellets, you are better off purchasing one. They are available in a variety of sizes, styles and colors. When purchasing the very first one, you will want to make sure that it is the right size. The height you will choose depends largely on the height of your child and the size of the bed. The bottom line is that special needs blankets are products that every parent will like. They help and the great news is that you can use that they can be used from toddlers through adolescents.

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