Essential Muay Thai equipment: advice for beginners

Are you interested in the popular Thailand combat sport – Muay Thai? Then before beginning the journey of learning the ins and outs of this amazing sport, it is necessary to purchase the essential gear and equipment. When joining a class, your instructor can give you some advice on what your uniform should look like, but there are a few items that any Muay Thai practitioner should own. Just like the taekwondo equipment, or other martial arts uniforms, this combat sport also requires a few indispensable elements. Do not forget that wearing the proper attire is sign of respect for this art, your instructors and the other fighters.

The traditional shorts
Probably the most important item of the Muay Thai uniform are those well-known traditional shorts. This is the first item to start with, when you are shopping for equipment. These shorts are worn by all champions, and can vary in both appearance and construction. Because they are designed out of 100% satin, they will stay in good condition for a long time, with proper care, so your investment will certainly pay off. Muay Thai shorts come in numerous colours and patterns and designs but before buying you should discuss with your instructor and find out if your gym has particular requirements.

Boxing gloves
A pair of high quality boxing gloves are also a crucial part of your equipment. The 16 ounce glove is one of the best options to make, suitable for pad work, drilling and sparring. Make sure to choose the right fit, and remember that your fingertips should not feel any pressure.

Without using the right gear, Muay Thai can become rather dangerous, so to avoid possible injuries, buy proper headgear. The gear needs to fit you perfectly and to feel comfortable overall, otherwise, your performance can be influenced in a negative way.

When sparring, Shinguards should be worn at all times, by both beginners and pros. Because you are probably not sure what type of Shinguards to purchase, discuss with your instructor about your skill level, and find out for yourself which shinguards offer the best protection, before actually making a purchase. Besides the shorts, boxing gloves and headgear, you may need additional items, depending on your training level, such as a mouthguard, or ankle support, but these can be also bought over time.

As you can see, there are several important elements that your Muay thai equipment should include. Although you are a beginner, you should make sure you have all the important items at your disposal right from the start, because they are equally necessary and can influence the performance of your training. Do not forget that quality is extremely important when you are buying this type of uniform, so make your purchase from a reputable supplier that can guarantee the quality of the items provided. Today’s market offers some great equipment at reasonable prices, so you will not need to spend a fortune on your uniform.

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