Things to do in the Vietnamese countryside

If you are thinking about going to Vietnam for your next holiday vacation, then besides Hanoi, which you must certainly visit, you should spend at least a few days in the Vietnamese countryside as well. The surroundings are not only beautiful to admire, but they also allow you to enjoy some fun activities with your entire family, including fishing or bicycle riding. You will be able to come across various Vietnam fishing tours and other offers of this kind just by browsing the web. Here are only a few of the many things you can do in the Vietnamese countryside:

Go on a farming tour
If you are always eager to try out new experiences, then a farming tour is certainly a great option for you. You will have the unique opportunity to discover the lifestyle of the local villagers and accompany them in their daily activities. From gardening and planting plants with the local villagers, to enjoying traditional music performance and cycling through the breathtaking and peaceful surroundings, Vietnam Farming tours will give you the chance to experience a different kind of holiday, and to learn more about the local heritage, customs and traditions. The authentic culture experience is certainly something you have never had the chance to explore, so you will come back home with some unforgettable memories that will last a lifetime.

Take a cruise

If you are a more luxurious lifestyle kind of person, then you can also go on a short cruise, that will offer you all the comfort and relaxation you require. A luxurious boat cruise can include all kinds of activities, such as a cooking class and morning Thai Chai. Eating seafood and enjoying the view for a couple of days will be the perfect way to start your vacation, and with no doubts, each member of your family will be pleased.

Fishing tour
For fishing enthusiasts, Vietnam’s countryside has the perfect fishing opportunities to offer. Enjoy your favorite hobby in a new location, and book yourself a fishing tour. You will learn the local traditional fishing techniques, catch fish even by hand and find out how to use cast nets and Vietnamese fish traps. It will be extremely captivating to explore the local fishing community and to discover how the locals perform these types of activities. Depending on the travel agency you opt for, you can also raft rowing on the stream and even prepare meals with the locals and live some unique and exciting moments.

Vietnam is certainly worth visiting at least once in a lifetime, and besides its amazing capital Hanoi, you need to discover the great countryside as well, which has many interesting and fun activities to offer. However, make sure to book a few tours in advanced, and to enjoy your trip to the fullest. With a quick search online, you can find a wide variety of tours available, both in the countryside and in Hanoi, each one being equally exciting and enjoyable for the entire family.

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