Essential steps of full-body detox

Modern life can be very chaotic and the combination between stress, environmental factors and unhealthy nutrition will at one point inevitably weaken the body’s defenses. While modern Western medicine provides effective cures for most acute conditions, chronic illnesses remain a persistent issue that leave people no choice but to battle for years and decades. An alternative is full body detoxification – a safe, non-intrusive form of prevention and treatment aimed at removing toxic and harmful bacteria from the body and optimizing health. Full body detox shouldn’t be a last resort when nothing else works; on the contrary, everyone should try it once in a while to prevent more serious issues from appearing. This procedure can be adapted from cases to case, but, in general, it consists of several established steps that solve common health issues.

One of the most important steps is liver detoxification. The liver is one of the most important organs in the human body, and also the most abused and overwhelmed. It has a lot of functions, which range from filtering out bacteria and toxins to creating bile and hormones. You might say that you have a healthy lifestyle and eat relatively clean, but nowadays sources of toxins include more than just processed foods. Simply going out and breathing in exhaust fumes exposes the body to toxic substances. Not even beauty products are completely harmless, because some have toxic ingredients. All these get to the liver, which needs to work overtime to filter everything. If you add risk factors such as smoking, alcohol consumption and stress, the liver becomes all the more vulnerable. A thorough, step-by-step detox, will ensure that all toxins are eliminated and that your liver is stronger and healthier.

Another important step in full body detoxification is the treatment of candida and intestinal parasites. These are two very important issues, because they can cause a lot of harm without being detected for a long time. Candida is a fungus that can be found in low levels in the digestive tract of healthy adults, but, if it overgrows, it can cause a considerable number of digestive issues. In high amounts, candida weakens the intestinal barrier, allowing bacteria and toxins to get in. The reason why this issue is undetected and misdiagnosed is that it can have symptoms that are not related to the digestive systems and can be correlated with something else: anxiety, migraines, fatigue, depression and cravings. The most effective candida treatment involves changing the diet and taking essential supplements to strengthen the immune system. Soil based probiotics are also important, because they reduce inflammation and balance the production of bacteria in the digestive tract. Candida can come alone or with intestinal parasites. Some people think that parasites are harmless, but they can be very dangerous, because they consume essential nutrients that your body needs. Parasites are easy to ingest, because they can be found in tap water, fruits and vegetables. Moreover, they can be easily passed on from one person to another and not washing your hands. To get rid of parasites in a full body detox process, you need to take cleansing supplements.

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