Why it is important to care for your mitochondria

Every year you spend a lot of money on pills, creams, and lotions- trying to slow down the aging process, but you just do not focus on having a healthier life, and on how your actual diet is influencing your body. The majority of people do not know that in their body mitochondria are some tiny factories, which help their cells turn the oxygen they breathe, and the food they eat into energy, and that their name is mitochondria. You might not know either of their existence, and you might ignore having a healthy life style that would help it improve your life. You should pay more attention to it, because when the communication between the cells’ nuclei from your body and their mitochondria breaks, the aging process is accelerated. However, you can adopt a health plan that could help you achieve the opposite, you can help your body improve the communication between these two, slow down the aging process and improve your vitality and health.

It is important to keep in mind that the communication is working well when you are young, but in time, it might break down, and restoring it might be difficult, especially if you are not aware that you should focus on it. The first step would be for you to understand the importance of mitochondria for your health. Each mitochondrion found in your body is able to produce ATP, or as it is called adenosine triphosphate, which is known as one of the most important fuels for your body. It is important to pay a lot of attention to mitochondrial repair, because it is abundant in the cells of your muscles, hearts and brain, and these are the most important organs from your body, that need to function properly, to help you have a healthy life. You should know that your heart is one of the most energy intensive organs from your body, and 40% of its space is made of mitochondrion. It is as a mirror reflection of the state of your health, because by analyzing their state you are able to have a clear view of your fitness and health.

Specialists state that you will feel better, and you will be healthier if your body contains more mitochondria, because it improves your focus, energy, and it is able to sustain you in your daily activities, without feeling fatigue. In case you have a genetic effect, or your life style is not helping you maintain health, you might experience some negative effects. For example, some of the downstream effects, you might experience, are gastrointestinal disorders, motor control, cardiac diseases, muscle pain and weakness, respiratory issues, swallowing difficulties, liver disease, hearing or visual problems. When children have poor mitochondria, they experience poor growth and developmental delays, because it directly influences these stages in the growing process. You can repair your mitochondria, and care for it them you are following a healthy diet, take the right supplements, and if you eliminate poor-quality foods.

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