Choosing the right translation service provider

Nowadays, in an era where globalization seems to be more and more important, language boundaries should no longer represent an issue. While there is still no lingua franca to overcome the barriers existing between countries and people speaking different languages, these can be easily broken by professional translators. An increasingly number of individuals and businesses are in need for translation and transcription operations, which is why there are also plenty of companies providing such services. While all of them claim themselves as efficient and reliable, it is actually difficult for customers to pick the right agency. So how can you get the most trustworthy person to deal with translating your documents, articles or even books? Which are the main characteristics of a reliable service provider, when it comes to translation?

Given the fact that most people think that in order to transpose a text from one language to another, all you have to do is master the two languages, collaborating with a professional agenzia di traduzione should not be that difficult. This could not be any more wrong. Getting a Traduzioni Professionali for a text means the person in charge with it has a high level of proficiency not only as far as vocabulary and grammar are concerned, but also the two cultures involved. It may be easy to translate something mot-a-mot, but when it comes to recreating a context, things are definitely different and more complicated. Official documents are tricky because they impose a certain sober tone, while IT or technical writings require the use of dedicated terms. Translating literary texts, for example, may seem something quite easy, as there is no specialized language one has to master. However, this type of writing has plenty of other particularities (style, tone, emotions and so on) that make it very complex and hard to interpret in a different language. This means that when picking the agenzia di traduzione, you have to know the strengths of the people working there. Do they have the background and experience you need? What type of services are they offering? Are they open towards other cultures? Have they traveled a lot to the country of the target language? These are only some of the questions you have to ask before signing a contract and handling them the work.

In addition to checking the technical skills of the people performing Traduzioni Professionali, there is one more thing you must take into consideration: the reputation of the agency chosen. Try to see some of their previous works, get in touch with some other customers and ask for referrals. Of course, you should not judge the “book by its cover”, but remember that people’s opinion on a service provider is extremely relevant. If the company you have on your list has a web site, check if it is a professional one, analyze their services and clients’ testimonials. A well-established entity in the industry will have nothing to hide and they will happily show you their work and official papers.

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