Everything you need to know about APK files

Those who own an Android device have definitely heard about APK files at least once. For those who are not quite familiar with the term, APK stands for Android Application Package and just as PCs use .exe files to install software, the Android devices do the same but with APK files, since this is the extension mobile apps have.

It is worth mentioning that in order to download APK files and install them on the device you need internet connection. In case the Play Store does not allow the user to download an app or does not work properly at that moment, one can use other sites on the internet in order to find the app he or she is interested in. There are numerous sources where these files can be found across the web, but it is important to make sure you choose a trust-worthy website, because some files you might consider inoffensive to your device might actually contain malicious software, which could compromise the security of your phone. Users should pay great attention when downloading apps outside the Play Store and should have a very good antivirus installed on the device in the event that some malware try to do harm to their smartphones. Reading some user comments or reviews before actually downloading a file from a certain website can help other users a lot in order to understand whether that website is reliable or not.

In order to install the APK file to your device, you first need to download it to a computer. Before being able to install it on the device, you need to ensure that your Android allows installation of such third-party apps, so you have to access the settings menu and make sure the “Unknown Sources” box is checked. This will allow your device to install apps that come from other sources than Google Play Store. The next step is to connect the two devices together, the Android and the PC, and make sure you choose “Media Device” in case you are asked whether you just want to charge your phone or to transfer files. Copy the file into a specific folder in your Android and tap it in order to start the installation.

In case you want to install the musical.ly APK file for instance or any other APK file from your Android device and not from the PC, all you have to do is use the browser on your device and search for the app you want. The APK file will be downloaded directly on your device, so once this step is done you just go to Downloads and tap it in order to start the installation.

As it was previously mentioned, there is a wide range of websites that provide this type of files for Android operating system devices, so users do not have to worry about this aspect. However, they should be very careful when choosing a specific website to download APK files from, because it is highly important to make sure that site is a trust-worthy and reputable one.

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