Weighted blanket: the tool you need as a parent

A weighted blanket is the instrument that any parent of a child with special needs can benefit from. According to research, it improves sleep in children, especially in those who suffer from autism spectrum disorder. In the course of the studies performed by researchers, children favored these weighted blankets over non-weighted ones that were very much similar. A weight blanket is basically a large piece of woven cloth that is filled with non-toxic plastic poly pellets that create a natural calming effect. The reason why the bedding is so effective is that its weight is directed towards the sensory-integrated issues typically associated with autism, which in turn contribute to sleep disorders and problems. When they have the blanket wrapped around their body, kids are able to relax completely. The covering provides stimulation, but does not impose restriction in any way. Therefore, it can be considered a blessing for parents whose children have problems falling asleep and staying asleep.

If you child is unable to relax, which is not that uncommon in children suffering from autism, then you should definitely give this product a try. It is by far one of the most powerful tools when it comes to helping children who are anxious or upset. Weighted blankets have been long used in occupational therapy for kids who have shown sensory disorders, stress or anxiety. Nonetheless, any child without an ASD diagnosis can benefit from this type of bed covering. The added pressure on the body is beneficial for all kinds of children. The pressure determines the body to produce endorphins and serotonin, which are the chemicals responsible with making you feel calmer. So, if you want, for instance, your 10 year-old son to sleep more soundly every night, you should buy him this type of bedding. You will no longer have to struggle to put him to bed. Once he is curled up in the comfy blanket, he will want nothing else than to sit and relax. The fact is that a number of parents have tried this miraculous product and they have all reported similar results.

Another interesting fact is that the bed covering can actually help your child make sense of his relations sip with the world, which is important for his advancement. To be more precise, the kid will get a better understanding of his movement and body position. Equally important is that the relief that the bed sheet provides affects the way the child handles his emotion, in a good way that is. The bottom is that if you are a parent, you should make this therapy available to your child. Instead of resorting to all kinds of medicines and therapies that can cause side effects, you should invest in a weighted blanket. This option is fairly cheap and it is completely safe. It provides relief, comfort that has managed to escape for a long time and it is big enough to cover the body. Basically, it is the good fortune that you have hoped for all this time.

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