How to complement your dress with the right accessories!

When you have to attend an up-coming event, you have in mind only two questions “What should I wear?” “How should I wear it?”. Well, these are the classic questions every woman has in mind when she has to decide upon the way she would have to accessorise her jewelleries to her dress. You should know that finding the right dress for the event is just half of the battle, the accessories are the ones that have the power to make or break an outfit, so you have to pay attention to some key rules when choosing them. The majority of women just step in a jewellery store and pick whatever object they think that would look good with their dress, but for finding the perfect accessory you have to consider the dress, shoes and even the hairstyle. Follow some simple tips and you will be the star of the event you attend to.

Let’s start with the earrings. When you choose the earrings for your dress, you have to consider both the hairstyle, and the details of the top of the dress. Smaller earrings are perfect for a dress that features embroideries on the top, or which has a high neck. But if you opt for a dress which has a classic design, without straps, it is advisable to choose large sparkly earrings because they would complement the way your dress looks. Also, when buying earrings from an accessories shop, you should consider the hairstyle, because if you choose ones with a minimalist design, you should style your hair in a glam way, and forget about simple hairstyles. When it comes to necklaces you have two options, you either choose a delicate choker or a statement necklace. But these are not the only two options you have, because when looking in online store, you would notice that the opportunities are endless, and you can choose from jewelled, silver, gold, pearled, long and short necklaces. When choosing the necklace for your dress, you should keep in mind that you have to reach a balance between the dress you are wearing and the accessories.

A straight necklace is the best option when you wear a strapless dress, but if you want to obtain a more glamorous effect, you can opt for a glitzy effect. In this case you should choose a pair of simple earrings. If you are choosing a dress with a deep neckline it is advisable to choose a long necklace, because it would enhance the lining of the gown. And the dresses that feature a high or straight neckline should be accessorised with a shorter necklace. In case your dress is highly decorated in the bust area, it is recommended not to wear jewellery in the neck area, because it would create an overwhelming effect. The accessories have the role to help the dress shine, so you should not choose one that distracts the attention from it. But if you choose to wear earrings and a necklace, you should not add to them a bracelet, because these three elements do not go together. You should combine only two of them.

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